Monday, May 31, 2010

Awesome weekend!

We had an awesome Memorial day! We went to a family friend's birthday party, they happen to have a pool so the kids had so much fun swimming for hours and hours and hours.
This little boy didn't want to leave the water, ever.
He had the most fun of all the people there. For sure!
My daughter found a lady bug and she was oh so very pretty! After we enjoyed staring at her, she then set her free. I love that my kids are very nature-friendly that I don't even have to tell them what to do, they just do the right thing.

I stayed under the huge umbrella and laid down and relaxed for hours.I loved every minute of it. Just laying there as I watch my family have so much fun in the water. It's the best feeling in the world, really.
Until it was time to go. There was a bit of struggle because this little boy didn't want to leave but he fell asleep as soon as he got on his car seat. Problem solved.

How was your memorial day weekend?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pretty macarons

I want French macarons right now but I'm on a strict diet. So looking at them is instant torture. But don't you just love these pretty little things? The lovely blogger Katrina of Pugly Pixel made these macarons for you to decorate your photos with. Visit her blog here but please do follow her wishes that these may not be used for commercial purposes BUT of course you still can for a small fee.

I am so tired, we laid on new flooring in the kid's bedrooms. Will post photos soon. We're not quite done yet but what matters is we're getting there.

Happy Memorial Day to you my pretties!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Pretty camcorder

So for my birthday, my mister made me choose if I wanted a bigger LCD tv or an IPAD. I was not really into the ipad since I know that they would come up with a better one about a year from now and I would be regretting that I got the first gen and spent more for it.

What I really wanted was the FLIP slide. This new camcorder that fits in your pocket. I'm sure you've seen it or have heard of it. Oh and me being a collector of all white gadgets is loving the white sleek color of the new Flip video. So I went to Best Buy to check it out and I was quite disappointed with what I saw.
It wasn't as clear as it claimed to be. And with no external memory card, well, boo.
Flip slide $279.00

A few feet away, something caught my eye. This one...

The Kodak zi8 for $179
I have never seen it nor heard of it before. We tried it and wow, we were amazed of how clear the video quality was. That's what you call HD!
And it uses an SD memory card, so you can record MORE THAN 12 hours of video unlike the Flip Slide.
I read the reviews of different websites and we were sold.
And I just can't wait for this baby to come in the mail soon.
In this divine color!
So Flip slide is so expensive because they've spent so much money advertising it. Kodak zi8 did not and that explains the low price.
I was torn between the zi8 and this one

and this goes for around $150
And it's wateproof. How amazing is that?
Awesomeness without breaking the bank.

Pretty day

I am addicted to making these digital art thingies. I just can't stop!

Today I'd be making a lot of clothes and accessories that would go to the new website. 
 I am quite excited about that. The site is looking quite pretty by the way. I really worked hard on it. My daughter who is an awesome artist ( I honestly would say that even if I'm not her mother) is currently making her original artwork that will be included in the site also. So many surprises that I hope you fall in love with.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pretty dress where art thou?

Photo by Forever 21 that I've altered

My twin daughters are graduating next month and will be freshmen in high school soon. How fast was that?
Anyways, they need dresses! And where do I find them? I saw these awesome photo on Forever 21 a few months ago but for some reason they don't really sell the dresses that were used on this photo shoot. Bummer. Why would they use clothes they don't actually sell? Odd.
So where do I find dresses with character? Any suggestions? They are very much welcome. I need help!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Missing San Francisco

My own image

 I am missing San Francisco. I haven't been there for 3 years. So close, yet so far! When you have a big family, trips, even just a few hours away become quite a luxury. It's been a long time since I last been away from the chores,domestic responsibilities and kids. I feel like I really need some R&R but I can't even get to sleep without my son next to me. I really don't know. But I can't help myself from dreaming every now and then, of just packing my stuff and going somewhere where I can hear myself think again, even just for a few days.

I want to go to a lot of places. Even places far, far away. India... Paris...Japan, the list goes on and on. Oh I can only dream! I hope someday, I can be able to travel.Probably when the kids are bigger, older and more independent.

How about you? Where do you want to go right this moment? And why?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Here's my daughter in a photo shoot we did today. This one is for the website that we will be opening soon.

This was taken in our living room. Photos were taken by me. Clothes and hair accessory were also handmade by me.

What do you think? Oh I hope you love them.

Change is the only thing constant in life

This is my little boy who is not so little anymore. How fast time flies, I have a hard time catching up. I miss his skin that smells like milk. No more drooling or biting everything he touches.This little boy who is 2 1/2 years old spends his day on the imac, surfing through his favorite Nick Jr songs on youtube or playing games on all by himself. Having a computer programmer papa might be to blame for that. Soon, he will be graduating to little big boy undies. And that makes me quite emotional. Why can't they just stay this way forever?

As you may all know, I've just recently celebrated my 33rd birthday last Sunday. And that made me a little bit wiser. I was too busy with the things I've been doing online that It has been quite a shock to finally realize how fast my kids are growing up. I do have a lot of dreams that I want to fulfill but somehow they were kind of excluded from it. But now, I've finally made the decision to take quite a big leap and embrace change.

my 14 year old twin #1
The original concept of my blog and shop was all about kids. Hence the name "Chickything' which was derived from the Filipino word 'CHIKITING" or "TSIKITING" meaning kids. For some reason, I got swept away from the original concept and did an entirely different theme.

 twin #2
I know it's normal for artists to constantly change their minds about what they want to do and I've dealt with that all my life. But now I think I am nearing the final curtain of this long time search.

child #3

So this blog will take a wide turn and will feature my kids, our family life and my life as a mom as originally planned. I want this thing that I love to do to involve my family that I love so much. I no longer want to neglect any part of my life while doing something I enjoy. And I know that doing something together can bring us much, much closer.

That's all.

Have a happy week and I hope that you still join me on this journey.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Take a guess...

image found here

Yes it's my birthday today! A year older, a year wiser and hopefully another year younger looking.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Aren't these little happy faces so much fun?  I love them!

Today I started DAY ONE of doing more exercise like running on the tread mill. I really need it! I swear!
It felt so good but then after that, my mister's good friend/lead singer of their band brought these for me...
Aren't they pretty? These are cupcakes from Dots. It still won't beat my all-time faves Sprinkles and Crumbs but it's good enough to cure a cupcake crave.

After that we had some Japanese food then we went to the Americana. We went shopping for the kiddies at Paperchase and Kitson  and I bought myself a Voluspa candle from there. I was going to buy it from Anthropologie but didn’t. By the way Anthro is having a huge sale! You must check that out, lots of goodies are marked down 50%.

Speaking of the candle I bought. I just love it so much! I’ve never bought a candle worth $15 before. I am cheap like that. $15 is a lot of money for me but I am so envious of the fragrant smell in Anthro every time you walked in. So, I noticed that they use Voluspa often so I went with it! And what a wonderful choice! My house feels so homey and the smell just envelopes your whole being and makes you happy! It makes me happy, I just have to go out and buy some more! I want every part of my house to smell great!
You can buy it here amongst many other places.

All images are my own except for the voluspa candle.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh deer!

This beautiful vintage tea cup is now available here
only one set. So hurry before it's gone forever!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Things I love today...

and maybe for a long time.

Pink lips.

Photo booths.

(oh, and I just love this movie!)


What do you love today?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Wet Monday

I woke up this morning and it was all wet outside. I didn't expect it to rain. All my weekend vintage finds were outside because I am currently organizing my studio.

Everything seems to be looking like this

And there's more rain coming tonight until tomorrow. Where did Spring go?
It feels like winter, all gloomy, wet and cold.
I have so many things left undone. My website is still in limbo. And the house needs a lot of attention, really. 
NETFLIX is to blame.
Do you have one? We subscribed to it 2 days ago and it's nonstop movie nights here in our house lately. 
I was a member 13 years ago too when they only had about only a thousand collections and dvd's took forever to get to you. The membership wasn't worth it at all. And now, they have millions and it's much faster plus there's streaming using Wii and Ps3 so you can watch it on your tv screen and you can watch through the computer too. If you are a movie buff like I and my family then this is just movie heaven.

Oh well, I've got to get back to work. Have a safe Monday everyone!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pretty in pink

These photos from Papier-mache are just way too pretty that I could not get a hold of myself. The photos are just so sweet that I want to turn back time and take photos of my little girls again like how they did in this photo shoot.

So sweet it makes my tooth ache. I will never get tired of seeing pink and bows.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Do people in UK usually look like this?

These are three different bloggers based in the UK who for some reason are looking like triplets separated at birth. I am baffled. Why do they look so much alike? So odd. Is it just me? Or do you think so too?
*correction..Alix on the last photo is from France,thanks Allison!