Monday, May 31, 2010

Awesome weekend!

We had an awesome Memorial day! We went to a family friend's birthday party, they happen to have a pool so the kids had so much fun swimming for hours and hours and hours.
This little boy didn't want to leave the water, ever.
He had the most fun of all the people there. For sure!
My daughter found a lady bug and she was oh so very pretty! After we enjoyed staring at her, she then set her free. I love that my kids are very nature-friendly that I don't even have to tell them what to do, they just do the right thing.

I stayed under the huge umbrella and laid down and relaxed for hours.I loved every minute of it. Just laying there as I watch my family have so much fun in the water. It's the best feeling in the world, really.
Until it was time to go. There was a bit of struggle because this little boy didn't want to leave but he fell asleep as soon as he got on his car seat. Problem solved.

How was your memorial day weekend?

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