Thursday, September 30, 2010

A spoonful of magic

My new site is opening soon. So I am hard at work (and my kids and niece) taking pictures of them with the tutus I'd be selling on the site. Of course, there would be more pretty things in the store!
It's fairytale themed, whimsical, Victorian like before but this time it's a little bit more magical.
What do you think? Please share your thoughts.
More photos coming soon!

Hello Autumn

After a few heat waves this week, I am having an awesome Autumn weather ( though it says it'll be in the 90's again later today) This morning, I arranged some flowers and I love how it freshened up the dining table and our bedside table. I love having flowers around the house. It instantly uplifts moods! We all should put flowers around the house! I should do this more often too.
I used a vintage moroccan glass. I love the details on it but they are extremely fragile.
I saw these at Anthropologie, I think they are a bit more durable than the vintage ones.

I love how the flowers look so organic/rustic like they came straight from a flower field

Do you have flowers in your house? If you have photos, please share! I would love to see them.

What I love today

I was looking at my inspiration folder and wow I didn't even realize how much I had stored in there and how amazing they were. Too bad I didn't put the site to where I got them from.
Here are some of the things I found in that folder that I keep falling in love with.
Isn't this antique sofa just lovely? I am still waiting for that day I take one home!
I love, love the spaces in this post. As you may know by now, I love old things.
I am obsessed with the round vintage pillows. I have a couple of these and I want more!

Please let me know if you know where these photos came from so I can check the sites again. Thanks in advance!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Cake

Well originally the cake was supposed to look like this.
But our local baker who once made this for us
said that he couldn't do the carnival cake on the photo. I thought that the monkey cake above is more elaborate than the carnival, don't you think? So I told him to just give me the colors I wanted with no decorations and all. We then bought yo gabba gabba decors so I can put them on cupcakes.
When the cake came, the colors were not what we talked about and the yo gabba gabba were on the cake! I didn't know how to turn the cake into something carnival-esque so I just tried to copy the decors we had at the party onto the cake.
Our decors
the cake
When we got them there were just the yo gabba gabba characters. I've added the balloons, the animals,the bunting and the carnival banner. I think it resembled the decors of our party pretty well. The cake was a big hit, specially to the birthday boy! And the flavor which is chocolate with real bananas and custard filling was just divine!
The cake is huge too! You can see the scale of it here, next to the birthday boy.
But we gave him a cupcake to blow. And he didn't really mind.
He loved the cake so much. Everytime we move the cake to another spot, he would come to me and ask where it was. So cute.
We had a great time! I hope everyone else did too. When we were in bed, my son kept jumping up and down and shouting "Party! Party! Party!" the new word he learned that day and probably his most favorite.
We love him!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Carnival yummies

The menu was simple. We made homemade burgers and hotdog sandwiches. We wrapped them in sandwich paper and tied twine around them.
I also cooked spaghetti,garlic bread  and we ordered chicken wings from a local Chinese place.
We also had cupcakes, birthday cake, I also made chocolate mousse cups, ice cream cake pops and cotton candy!
I didn't get to finish these pretties but I think they look good enough and they were really yummy!
Alphabet healthy cookies with mustache stickers.

Old fashioned cheese popcorn and different snacks and blowing bubbles in vintage style popcorn bags
The chocolate mousse cups I made. Everyone loved these!
Burgers and hotdogs
Part 3 coming soon!

Carnival party

The party is over. There's a lot of cleaning to do but oh my what a fun time we all had! We had a terrible heat wave yesterday (and today and tomorrow) but that didn't stop us from having a great time. I forgot to take out the popsicles and ice cream but that only meant that we didn't really mind the heat because we were having so much fun!
I made a photo booth out of a polkadot vinyl table cloth and made mustaches sticks.

The photo booth was a big hit!
Photos of food, the birthday boy and the cake will be posted soon! So come back and visit my blog again!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Party mood

It's 2am. I wake up in 3 hours and I'm still awake. I'm working on some party favors for Saturday (carnival themed 3rd birthday party for my son)  and I feel like sharing them to you before I go to bed.

I used the left over popcorn bags from this candyland themed party we had last year. I just love these bags! They're like glassine envelopes. Very delicate but I love the vintage quality of it.
I got some colorful bubbles from Walmart and some candies. I've decided to skip the toys since kids just end up throwing them away. Not really practical and bad for the environment.
stuff inside: oreo or marshmallows, skittles or Laffy taffy, Caramel Apple Lollipop, bubbles
 I used the tape I bought from a Japanese store to label the bottles. I also used it to close the bags.
I am using a vintage wooden crate for this
Goodnight world!

What I love today

I'm so in love with these photos, I can't stop staring at them!
click Mrs Press above to visit her website.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Labor of Love

Today, I finished making the fabric bunting for the party on Saturday. I don't know if I should make more.
I think it turned out quite handsome don't you think?