Friday, April 30, 2010

Unicorn, butterflies and a pizza-eating prince

Here are some random images from my house.

I have a giant unicorn head on my ceiling.
It makes me happy whenever I lay down on my bed and sees it.
It was a balloon I got for my twin's birthday and the string came off and now she's stuck on the ceiling
She's so pretty, isn't she? 
And this is our fridge with giant butterfly magnets. I love, love them so!

and this little guy, looking for food to eat.

 I just love this little guy...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Goodbye April.

April is almost over. It's 1:56am here on the West Coast and it's raining again. I thought that we've had the last of it last week. It's not that I mind, I kind of missed sleeping with the sound of the rain as long as it's not pouring like crazy.

What are your plans for the next month? I have a bunch and I would love to share them with you.

1. I WILL open the shop. As you can see, it's still closed. Time really has been hectic but I am being optimistic that I can finally restock and reopen.

2. I WILLwalk to the park every day. We have a park near our house but the road to it is very hilly which is very good exercise. I promise to not eat cupcakes after the walk. Really. Yes! really.

I love riding in the swing. I feel so free. It's the closest thing to flying and you don't even need wings.

3. I WILL eat healthier. This month's food intake was horrendous. I only used the juicer like twice the whole month. I want to eat fresh veggies and more fruit juices and smoothies. I had too much sweets this month, you just have no idea how much. We still have cupcakes and a ton of meringues from the party which I gobble on every time I pass by the kitchen counter. Ugh.

4. I WILL finish organizing the whole house so I can submit the photos to Apartment Therapy. I love AT and I would love to see our house featured in the house tour. I once joined the small space, big style contest in Ohdeedoh (their sister site) and my twin daughter's room made it into the fortunate few but too bad I was not informed that it was up so I wasn't able to tell people I know about it. So I only got a few votes.
You can see it  here

The room has changed so much since.

5. I WILL spend more time with the kids. More movie nights and more quality time. They are growing too fast, I have a hard time catching up.

I have more goals. I really hope I get to do them all. I WILL ACCOMPLISH THEM ALL! There, I said it.

How about you? Do you have new goals? Please share them with me.

*** By the way, I have a hard time uploading pics on the new blogger. They keep changing everything. I was so happy about the changes the other day and now they have a new way of uploading images again and somehow all my photos become horizontal when they are uploaded. Does anybody have this problem? Oh, please help me fix it.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I love this photographer I recently discovered. Her photos are so magical. I love the lighting... The concept. It seems like they were straight out of a movie that was never made that I sure want to see or a magical world that none of us is allowed in. Where do I get a free ticket?

                                   Please,please let me in.

Check out Rosanna Anson Photography and fall in love, just as I did.


There is something magical about photographs of sisters. I love seeing pictures of twins and girl siblings. It's so whimsical, so fairytale... Sometimes, even eerie.

Here are some photos of sisters I really love. My favorite is Zooey's with her sister Emily. I am equally obsessed with them. I love watching Bones. I often watch 5 episodes on DVR in one sitting. Do you watch that show?
Of course, everyone loves Zooey. Who doesn't? Seriously.

I love this photo, so raw.
Oh I love them! I want to hang out with them! I wonder how their household was like with these two.

Oh and the Olsen twins. I just love their photos whether they are casual or high fashion.

and this...
even if they aren't really sisters in real life.
And I love my sisters but we don't have a picture together. Bummer.

Monday, April 26, 2010


As promised, here are the photos from the Wonderland theme tea party I did for my 14 year old twins yesterday,

I made sure I made a little warning about the Drink me bubbles.

These are marshmallows. I used clear cellophane and printed Alice playing card tags and I tied it on each bag.

I used my 100 year old Alice books for elevation and drama. I also love the artificial deep red roses and the crystal candle lamp.
The plastic wine glasses really helped the event to be more sophisticated and all the kids enjoyed them. They felt so grown up and it really added to the fairy tale charm of the party.
I used our water glass bottle and filled it with Iced tea. I also dropped some raspberries and blueberries for added flavoring and style.
I made a 'Drink me' label and tied it with twine. Everybody loved it. I loved it!
They raised their glasses for a toast. Totally their idea. I felt like a gate crasher, crashing a very intimate party. My kids have a very old friendship with their friends. I'm so happy that they've found friends to treasure their whole life.

Here are my daughters while opening their presents.

Too bad, I wasn't able to take too many photos. It was kind of difficult to be doing everything on my own that day. I didn't even get to take a photo of all the butterfly decor all over the party area.

The impromptu games I came up with was such a big hit. Every game was Alice themed. The first game was, find the most cards. I scattered playing cards all over the backyard. Whoever gets the most, gets a prize and whoever finds Cheshire cat's picture gets a prize too. It was so much fun watching them lift every rock and went through every nook and cranny of our backyard.

We did those 3 x. That was how much they enjoyed it. So that meant 6 winners.

2nd game was pass the bunny. They had to pass around a stuffed bunny and when the music stops and they are holding the bunny, they are out. The one left behind wins. We did that 3x too!

We had other games and I ended up doing last minute additional presents. I bought things from the Japanese store which they enjoyed. I had to dig in for stuff I made which they enjoyed more than the wii accesories we bought for them.

All in all, it was a success. Each kid was thanking me as I walk past them. They said they loved everything specially the theme. My girls were so happy too, they kept hugging me and was even asking me to sleep in their bedroom because one of the twins couldn't take her arms around me.

By the way...

This little guy enjoyed the festivity so much. He loved all the dancing! And everyone loved his bow tie I especially made for him.
Too much dancing made him lose his other shoe but he kept dancing anyway. I just love this little guy!

And my friends who I rarely see nowadays came over too! Which made this party really special because I missed them so much.

Ooopsie, sorry about the messy living room, this was after the party and the kids took over the whole house the whole day. I will take better photos of my living room next time.

I watched 4 movies with my friends that night.
#1 Jeepers Creepers
#2 Obsessed
#3 Blue Lagoon
#4 Signs

We watched whatever was on tv that night.

So there you go. I hope you enjoyed these photos.

If you are new to my blog. Please search 'tea party' on the search box on my blog and you'll see other posts I made about this event. 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Party's over

 Here's a photo from today

It's 2am.  I am tired but happy. My girls hugged me today and thanked me for a wonderful party.
And that is priceless.
Good night world.
Photos tomorrow. Promise.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Tea party update

I am pretty busy with the preparation for the mad tea party tomorrow. I don't know where to begin, why do I always seem to do everything the last minute?! But of course, a little blogging won't hurt.
So here are some photos

Yummy marshmallows

Not bad 'eh?
It looks like it's for a wedding though. I used an antique mirror tray underneath. Do you love it?
( I am in love with my new black lace table cloth that I recently bought that deserves another post of it's own-it's an oil cloth,easy clean up!)

Now, let me tell you about another birthday favor/giveaway I came up with.
They are bubbles labeled 'drink me'. I know it should come with a warning. I love how the bottles represent the drink me bottle of Alice in the movie but I know it shouldn't be for people under 13. Or what do you think? I just can't pass this idea up. I love it and I know it might spark some confusion but kids are a lot smarter nowadays, right? Please share your personal insight on this. I am willing to take this out of the party if it's not appropriate.

But I just adore them! They look so pretty!

I also made a flower arrangement,using a thrift store find tea pot. I used deep red roses and a black rose. And yes, they are artificial but they look so real!

So there... I am off to more last minute projects. I hope everyone has a blast tomorrow! I worked really hard.
Please share your thoughts, specially with the drink me bubbles.

Happy weekend!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I love you Earth!

Hi, as promised... More Earth Day tips for everyone!

1. Ride a bike. It's good for your health and your environment.
2.Turn off air conditioner when not in use. There are so many people that I know who leave their air conditioning on even if they are not home. Always remember, not because you can afford it, it's okay to waste it.
3.Cook at home, instead of eating out. It minimizes trash and it's so much healthier.
4.Plug off laptop chargers and cell phone chargers, I'm sure you've heard this before but are we really following it? I need to remind myself this because I, too tend to forget.
5.Watch less tv, turn off tv when not in use. Or watch from one television, instead of one from every room of the house. Think of it as quality time for the family.
6.Go to your local library and read books, instead of watching movies/tv. It's good for your kids and yourself. A little quiet time can do us all some good.
7.Invest on rechargeable batteries. They are so much better than disposable ones.
8. This Summer, why don't we give our dryer a break and use the clothesline to dry our clothes? Our clothes would smell so fresh and our planet would thank us for it.
9.If you haven't used clothes,shoes or accessories for a whole year (or more), call the Salvation Army or drop them off to your nearest thrift store. Someone else could be using it, instead of the moths in your storage or closet.
10. host a clothes swapping parties! It's so much fun. Invite friends or family, ask them to bring clothes and things that they don't use and you can all swap stuff! Isn't that fun?

I hope that these tips help. We can all do something in our own little way.
Have a Happy Earth Day!