Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Goodbye April.

April is almost over. It's 1:56am here on the West Coast and it's raining again. I thought that we've had the last of it last week. It's not that I mind, I kind of missed sleeping with the sound of the rain as long as it's not pouring like crazy.

What are your plans for the next month? I have a bunch and I would love to share them with you.

1. I WILL open the shop. As you can see, it's still closed. Time really has been hectic but I am being optimistic that I can finally restock and reopen.

2. I WILLwalk to the park every day. We have a park near our house but the road to it is very hilly which is very good exercise. I promise to not eat cupcakes after the walk. Really. Yes! really.

I love riding in the swing. I feel so free. It's the closest thing to flying and you don't even need wings.

3. I WILL eat healthier. This month's food intake was horrendous. I only used the juicer like twice the whole month. I want to eat fresh veggies and more fruit juices and smoothies. I had too much sweets this month, you just have no idea how much. We still have cupcakes and a ton of meringues from the party which I gobble on every time I pass by the kitchen counter. Ugh.

4. I WILL finish organizing the whole house so I can submit the photos to Apartment Therapy. I love AT and I would love to see our house featured in the house tour. I once joined the small space, big style contest in Ohdeedoh (their sister site) and my twin daughter's room made it into the fortunate few but too bad I was not informed that it was up so I wasn't able to tell people I know about it. So I only got a few votes.
You can see it  here

The room has changed so much since.

5. I WILL spend more time with the kids. More movie nights and more quality time. They are growing too fast, I have a hard time catching up.

I have more goals. I really hope I get to do them all. I WILL ACCOMPLISH THEM ALL! There, I said it.

How about you? Do you have new goals? Please share them with me.

*** By the way, I have a hard time uploading pics on the new blogger. They keep changing everything. I was so happy about the changes the other day and now they have a new way of uploading images again and somehow all my photos become horizontal when they are uploaded. Does anybody have this problem? Oh, please help me fix it.


Erica Leigh said...

yeah, it started raining again! how random. it seems like a weekly tuesday/wednesday thing now. i like it too though (as long as i'm not driving through it!).

these are wonderful goals, and i hope you accomplish all of them! can't wait to see the shop when it's open, too. :) ughh, i need to clean my room too. badly.

my goals? meet with the career counselor at school and find a job when i get back from my europe trip. and work on my etsy shop more (this month has been slow).

also, i haven't had that problem with blogger, so that's really weird. i hope it fixes itself so you don't have to worry about it anymore!


Smithee said...

Just noted your love of 'old things' and the memories with them. It came on on my google alert link as we have just put online which follows stories and memories linked to objects.

Thought you might like to take a look and perhaps tag some 'things'.

This does read like spam, but honestly its not :)

University College London

Anonymous said...

it's hard to believe that april is nearly over. unbelievable. my goal is to keep up with the schedule that i have set in my calendar and to sleep by midnight every night. i will strive to abide by benjamin franklin's wise saying: "early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise."

best of luck to you and your goals. :D

Chickything said...

Hi Katrina, I totally agree. I used to be insomniac and would sleep at 4 or 5am. But now that I am asleep by 11, my way of thinking and everything else improved dramatically.
I wish you luck with that goal of yours.

Chickything said...

Thanks Erica Leigh! And good luck with your exciting journey thru 'grownuphood'