Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pretty for the pretties

My homemade perfumes has a brand new look!
I had metal tags custom made. They turned out so pretty.

Check them out at the shop.

I love Cola

I just want to share this very cute vintage find that we bought today from a yard sale around our neighborhood.

This super cute miniature Coca colas!

The coca cola inside this mini bottles are real but they've evaporated due to it's old age.
I just love them but apparently, not just me.

They are made of real glass. And the cap comes off too! They are just so precious!

And now I couldn't forget about the 24 bottles that the sweet old guy was selling, I wish had bought them too!

Photos of more vintage finds tomorrow! Have a happy Sunday!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Obsessed with...


I eat this so many times a day. I even dream of it when I'm asleep. I love putting it on different kinds of food. My current favorite is croissant and nutella. I've tried so many combinations and the possibilities are endless!

Here are some that I've tried and how to make them.

croissant+nutella-slice the croissant and spread the nutella and cook both sides on hot pan but not too long though and do not press the croissant, it's better when it's fluffy. The croissant turns flaky and buttery even if you did'nt add any butter. You can also add some nutella on top of the croissant. This is good too when it's not warm. My kids love it when I make some for school. You can also use mini croissants for parties.

image from here

ritz crackers+nutella-Just spread it on top of each ritz cracker and serve. The saltiness of the crackers and the sweetness of the Nutella is just a divine combination.

flour tortillas+nutella-I tried this just this morning and it's awesome! Spread nutella on the tortilla then fold it in half. Put it on a very hot pan and cook both sides just like how you would cook quesadillas.( I call this nutella quesadillas) Then slice it into triangles and serve! make sure you eat it while warm and it tastes just like crepes!

celery+nutella-dip celery sticks into it like how you would with celery and peanut butter!

wheat bread+nutella+sliced bananas-Remember Elvis' favorite peanut butter sandwich, do just that but replace the pb with nutella then grill it on a panini grill or a very hot pan. Eat it while it's warm.

Oh, I could go on and on...

I want some of these! Does anyone know if it's available in the U.S.?

image from here

image from here

I want to try this next! I love making wontons with cream cheese, I know it would be yummy with nutella too!

Oh I love you Nutella!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I dress like a gypsy

when no one is looking...
Maybe I was a gypsy in my past life.
But sometimes I feel like a victorian princess.
It really depends on my mood, I guess.

My home looks like a gypsy's caravan, lots of deep purples and deep reds, velvets, quilts and silks.

I love dressing up in long skirts with tops that don't match with anything else but I dress back to normal clothes just in time before someone sees me.

It's nice to dance around in long velvety skirts... I feel free.

Maybe it's true that I was a gypsy in my past life. And it's nice to relive that life once in a while.
How about you? who do you think you were in your life before this one?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Welcome to my wonderland!

I'm opening my shop today!
Things to remember:

1. All images can be clicked to zoom, please click 'x' to close the image.

2. Chickything Lolita has 3 pages. So make sure you don't miss the other pages. The page number is located at the very bottom.

3.There are different images for each item, click the image and click on the arrows or numbers to move to another image.

4. For more info, please visit the 'faqs section'

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to contact me. Contact info is on the site.
And guess what, WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING (for a limited time only) for each and every order! Yay!!!

Pretty Saturday

I had fun thrifting with mom yesterday! We visited 6 thrift stores all over Los Angeles. My feet was hurting so bad but it was so worth it! Mom bought more than I did, she said that my obsession with vintage is contagious that it rubbed on her. She bought so much that we had to hire a guy with a truck just to haul everything home and we both spent less than a $100! Awesome!

Here are some of my loot that I want to share with all of you...

This beautiful ornate pillow. Don't you just love the details on this?

I love the color!

And these shoes are to die for! I love how comfortable they are and the details on it is gorgeous, not to mention the awesome purple!

I have never heard of this brand before but it was so eerie that it even says my initials, my real first name is Janine but I go by Nina ( Ninja to my friends) because it's so hard to spell out my name every time I introduce myself to people.

The embroidery is so beautiful

and I just love this purse! and I'm not even into purses.

and look at this super cute sparkly giant coin purse/clutch
I love, love the fuchsia silk interior.

Love these glasses! Anthropologie has them . I don't know if these were the exact ones at Anthro or if these are real vintage.

They are so pretty I'm afraid to use them because I'm really clumsy, I might break them.

My favorite is the pink one

I also bought this enamel tray. I love it so much, there were a bunch there and now that I think of it, I wish I had bought them all! So I can put some in the shop!

Oh, there's always next Saturday!

Tomorrow my shop opens! Finally! I will open up shop at 7am (pacific time). Please, I hope you join me! Bring out the champagne flutes, the petit fours or some hot tea and let's celebrate!

Friday, January 22, 2010

missing the sunshine

It's been a whole week of rain in Los Angeles! And that meant a whole week of staying in.
I want to share some photos I took about 2 weeks ago, just missing the L.A. sunshine I guess.

The L.A. skyline, I've passed there a gazillion times but It still amazes me like a little farm girl's first time in the city!
I call it the Emerald City! With it's mirror windows that reflect the blue skies, it's just so beautiful specially at night when everything lights up, it's so magical.

My girls with their friends at out local mall
I love our mall! Isn't it beautiful?

Oh how we miss you sun. Please come by our beloved city soon.

Tomorrow, mom and I wakes up early again like we usually do on Saturdays..To go thrifting!
I'm so excited! I promise to take pictures of what I find there. I might even find some special things that might end up in my new shop.

What vintage things do you want to see in my shop?
Please let me know in the comments section. I hope to hear from you!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

So pretty Thursday

Still raining in L.A. and I felt the need to look at pretty things to uplift my spirits.

Maybe you could use some too.


I wish that every day is Valentine's Day

So the world becomes a more beautiful place.

The palest colors sometimes become the brightest

It really depends with what you feel inside your heart.

What do you feel inside?

I hope it's something pretty like what I feel inside of me.
Have a happy Thursday everyone!