Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pretty Saturday

I had fun thrifting with mom yesterday! We visited 6 thrift stores all over Los Angeles. My feet was hurting so bad but it was so worth it! Mom bought more than I did, she said that my obsession with vintage is contagious that it rubbed on her. She bought so much that we had to hire a guy with a truck just to haul everything home and we both spent less than a $100! Awesome!

Here are some of my loot that I want to share with all of you...

This beautiful ornate pillow. Don't you just love the details on this?

I love the color!

And these shoes are to die for! I love how comfortable they are and the details on it is gorgeous, not to mention the awesome purple!

I have never heard of this brand before but it was so eerie that it even says my initials, my real first name is Janine but I go by Nina ( Ninja to my friends) because it's so hard to spell out my name every time I introduce myself to people.

The embroidery is so beautiful

and I just love this purse! and I'm not even into purses.

and look at this super cute sparkly giant coin purse/clutch
I love, love the fuchsia silk interior.

Love these glasses! Anthropologie has them . I don't know if these were the exact ones at Anthro or if these are real vintage.

They are so pretty I'm afraid to use them because I'm really clumsy, I might break them.

My favorite is the pink one

I also bought this enamel tray. I love it so much, there were a bunch there and now that I think of it, I wish I had bought them all! So I can put some in the shop!

Oh, there's always next Saturday!

Tomorrow my shop opens! Finally! I will open up shop at 7am (pacific time). Please, I hope you join me! Bring out the champagne flutes, the petit fours or some hot tea and let's celebrate!


Nancy S. said...

Im so jealous of your new vintage findings! Everything is so gorgeous!
I particullary love the purple shoes! amazing!
So you're name is Janine? Is it french?
Do you know the david bowies song "janine"?
Cant wait to visit your store :)

Chickything said...

Hi! Yes I think it is french. It wasn't common then but now, I hear it a lot.
I will definitely check that Bowie song!
My shop is open now! Yay!