Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What's in my bag

I've been tagged last week by Erica Leigh of Sweets & Hearts to post what's inside my bag. I finally had time to do it today. I took a photo of what's inside my bag and I promised myself to take a picture of the things inside it, completely unedited.

This is my favorite bag. A very old Chanel though I don't really get to use it much because I always have to tote the baby bag.

1. $141 cash. We try to always pay in cash and we are proud to say that we are debt free (except for the car of course) I also don't use a wallet or a coin purse. I really should though. I always lose a bill or two when I dig in my purse and the money falls on the floor. Heartbreaking, specially if you were about to pay something at the cash register.

2.Chuck E. Cheese tickets. I think these has been in my purse for a whole year already.

3.Americana Loyalty gold card. I don't shop much. I really don't but we were granted this card when my Mister gifted me an Anthropologie quilt on my birthday last year. You must spend at least $250 in one day to get one. And a quilt plus lunch at Katsuya was more than enough. I don't think I've spent that much again at a mall since then.

4.Free crayons from IHOP. I hate throwing crayons away. I keep thinking of students that could not afford crayons in 3rd world countries, so I always take them home so my baby can use them again and again.

5.loose change

6.My very old Benetint. I don't even know how old this is or if it's even safe to use but I use it any way. I think this is more than 3 years old! I am very pale, so a lot of red make up suits me.

7.My cap less lipstick. This one is so old too. But I love the dark red color and even if I use my finger to apply it on my lips, it always, always never fails to make me look a little better. I just love it and I can't manage to throw it out. But I know I have to replace it with a new one soon. I know it looks pathetic.

8.Chickything business cards. I made them and I don't really like them. I should really have some made by a professional very soon.

9.Authentic vintage aviators from the 80's. I recently bought this from a vintage store in L.A. that sells brand new vintage! I only got these for $8.

10.Four Alice in Wonderland theater tickets. The kids and I saw it last Saturday. My second time, their first.

11.My very old Too Faced compact. If I open this compact, it might scare you, so I won't. It's very old but it still works perfectly. I love Too faced products. You must try them. They are awesome! And their pressed powders look very natural on the face.

12.Coach mirror. I got this from a Japanese magazine for free. I love those freebies that are included in some of their fashion magazines. I always spend a long time trying to decide which magazine to get because of all the tempting freebies inside. So stressful.

13.Smart N Final receipt. I haven't been there awhile. I think this one was from December 2009

14. H & M receipt from last Saturday when I bought two shirts for my baby boy.

That took awhile. I'm glad it's over. Now I have to let Erica Leigh know that it's finally up. :)

what does these things say about me? Hmmm, I don't buy new stuff that often? What can you say?

Good night.

Photo booth love

I always get so excited when I see a photo booth! I love how you get this adrenaline rush while trying to pose just in time and yet somehow it still comes out like you didn't try.

So, you must imagine how happy I was when I discovered this site called La Photocabine. An online photo booth that you can use straight from your own computer---For free!
Yes, my pretties, some good things in life are still free.

I just love this so much! So, what are you waiting for? Go,go,go!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Things I love today...

Here are random things that I love today...

Very pretty bangles...


eating at unknown but very old diners

the beach but not American beaches... I love Asian beaches and I miss it so much...I can almost taste it's saltiness in my tongue and it's warmth against my skin.

And I've been wanting Gelato the whole week! I must have some soon!

And I love, love tutus and crinolines. I want to prance around the house wearing them.

You know what? I just might do that.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our weekend

I haven't been out for a long time because I got so sick but finally the antibiotics kicked in and I was well by Friday last week. So I finally was able to get out and enjoy the warm Spring weather which was lovely by the way!

We went to the Americana at the Brand (it's very close to where we live) like we always do. And I got to see Alice In Wonderland for the SECOND time. I was still very entertained as I was the first time. But I think I've enjoyed seeing it last night more. The first time I saw it was at midnight, it was past my bedtime and I was very tired. I am still too in love with the costumes of Alice. I can't seem to get over the magic of Coleen Atwood.

Then the girls (my little girls,that is.) and I window shopped. The Forever 21 (XXII) at the Americana is awful! It's the worst branch I've ever visited. There was only a small space dedicated for accessories and they were probably the most awful accessories I've ever seen in my entire life! A lot of them were broken and the designs were just so cheap. I love going to the one in Pasadena which I've blogged about here. Very glam!

I bought 2 shirts from H&M for my 2 year old son which I will post pictures of when he finally wears them. I love their clothes and they are very affordable, don't you think?

Then we went to Barnes & Noble to meet up with my Mister and my baby boy who was too young to see Alice and we shopped for books. Our family is obsessed with books! Then after that, we went to IHOP for dinner.

Our area needs more awesome restaurants. We always have a hard time deciding where to eat. Do you have any suggestions of good places to eat at around the L.A. area? both kid-friendly and not kid-friendly. I would appreciate your suggestions. Thanks!

How about you? How was your weekend?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Craft studio tour

Here are some photos of my craft studio/office. I will take better pictures next time.

I love this painted window that is hanging on the wall. I got it from the fleamarket.I can still remember how difficult it was to carry it all the way to the parking lot! The black dresser is a vintage piece that I altered/restored. I wrote about how to achieve this here

This is my desk. I love the yellow, fabric bunting that I made out of vintage fabric. It's so whimsical. I don't like the curtain though. I promised that it will go but it's still up there.

I love this vintage Romeo & Juliet plaque. As you can see, she's pregnant.

And my precious, rare, vintage Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass book collection.

I hope you enjoyed it. I know it's not perfect but it will be. I will also be posting the other rooms of our home soon.

Have a happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You are what you wear.

While laying on the bed, I caught a glimpse of my shoes that were laid out on the floor and I found it quite interesting. I decided to take a photo and so here they are.

I was never fond of shoes but I get weak in the knees when I see something that stands out in the shelf. I always fall for the one that is looking so out of place.

It doesn't happen often but it's fine with me. I know special things won't be so special if they are often seen or found.
I was never a fan of expensive, designer shoes. I've tried once or twice but I always go back to the pre-loved ones. Lucky for my Mister who doesn't have to spend so much making me happy.
They are like artwork,as you can see. And like a painting, I can't take my eyes off of them, as I wear them on my feet.

Oh my shoes! You may be so few! But I would not trade you for a thousand shoes.

How about you? What makes your feet happy and your heart skip a beat?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sweet and sour...

Hi everyone! how was your weekend? Mine was well, not quite as how I want to have spent it. I was in the ER last night because I couldn't breathe and my fever kept coming back. So xrays were done and voila! Pneumonia! Ack! So now, more bed rest and more medication, unfortunately. But I can feel that I am almost getting better. So I had to fill my days up with lots of rest, tv and pretty pictures of sweets, just like these...

How pretty this photo is! Love the pink lights!


and this super pretty party! I love those pretty macarons around the cake!


I love the color of this cake roll!
(click on image source for the recipe of this beautiful blue cake!)
And this owl cake! Genius! It looks so perfect!

and this super cute cloud cake! So Kawaii!

And can you imagine having this cake for your wedding? I sure can!

And I don't mind this one, no matter how wacky! I love it!


They sure can lift someone's spirits and make them smile again. Did it make you smile? I hope so. Have a happy week ahead of you! I hope mine is better than the last.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh Spring!

I am finally feeling better after staying in bed for 5 long days, popping pills, crying due to aches and pains here and there... I am now better and 'almost' back to my old hyper self again. Even my 2 year old who was also sick during when I was is now back to his own day to day rituals.

I think the warm, perfect day contributed to it but most especially, my wonderful mister and mom who even missed a few days of work just to fill in for my 'abandoned position' here at home and also to tend to my over demanding self.( I tend to be that way when I am sick).


So now, I am feeling quite refreshed , those 5 days in bed were really good for me. I was exhausted prior to getting sick. A big family with 4 kids, an online business, ton of housework and a whole lot more of other things is no joke.
So now, I am excited to be starting up a better system so I wouldn't stretch myself too much.
And so nothing in my life becomes neglected. I am setting up new goals and plans for both my domestic life and online.

I am very oprimistic. This weather can really lift someone's spirits 'eh? I am also excited for great things to do and trips to take. Like picnics at the park and the beach!
What are your plans this Spring? Can you share it with me?
But whatever they may be. Always remember to sit, relax, breathe and enjoy the beauty around you. Sometimes I forget that because I am moving way too fast!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

drumroll please...

Are you wondering what that pretty,pretty sweetalicious blog award badge is doing here,sitting oh so prettily?

My super, super sweet favorite blogger, Erica Leigh of Sweets&Hearts gave it to me! She thinks I deserve it and that is just awesome! I'm super happy! And it looks so pretty on my blog!!! Don't you think so?

Thank you so much Erica Leigh! You made my day!

And apparently, I have to choose a blogger that deserves this super cute badge...
And I absolutely think that dropdeadkawaii deseves one on her uber pretty blog! I hope it makes her day too!

Rules: Post on blog Link to the other bloggers within your post. Let them know you have shared this award with them by commenting on their blogs. Share the Love by linking to the person from whom you received this Sweetalicious Blog Award. HAVE FUN and ENJOY YOUR SWEETALICIOUS DAY!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tea Party

Kerli - Tea Party - Official Music Video

KERLI | MySpace Music Videos

Have you seen this video? It's one of the songs included in the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack.

The video is more like Marie Antoinette than Alice. I don't like the song that much and the singer reminds me of Lady Gaga, don't you think? But the props, the clothes and the hair accessories are just divine! I love them!
What do you think? Do you like it?


Based on the photos, the macarons at Paulette's seem to be showcased as precious jewelry.
How neat the way they display them and they sit so pretty behind the glass.

They look huge, I hope they are. I am always surprised by how tiny most

macarons are in real life.

I live about 30 minutes from Beverly Hills where Paulette is located.
With the traffic and all, it can be up to an hour.
Has anyone tried these before? Is it worth driving the distance for? I hope someone can tell me because I am so dying to know.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Under the sheets

This weekend was spent in bed. My baby and I are sick again. This crazy weather is to blame. One day super cold,next day, too warm.

found here

found here

I am so eager to feel better. I have so much I need to do.

found here

I am also super eager to Spring clean! Have you done yours yet?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Color me pretty

This weekend I will be dyeing my hair!
Oh but what color??

found here

found here

found here

found here

Please help me decide. What do you think?

New vintage finds

I just love this beautiful vintage tea container. I love how beaten up it looks, it adds to it's very fairytale look.

Oh and this cat ring and jewelry holder. So pretty!
Lovely mirror for your pretty face
and they are all for sale! Find them here