Friday, December 4, 2009

No longer 21

Tonight, I've decided to bring the kids (1 ten year old daughter,2 year old son, and 13 year old twins) to Forever 21. I wanted to treat the twins to a little shopping spree for whatever accessories they want ( only those they feel they can't live without) as an early Christmas present.
My son didn't enjoy it as much as his sisters (well, of course!) but he had fun making faces on this mirrored dressers which I sooo love!
He was very patient. And something tells me that in the future when his girlfriend asks him to go shopping, he would oblige without any complaints. And that's a good thing when the man in your life accompanies you in things you enjoy doing. So lucky that girl would be!

Here's twin #1 checking out the compact mirrors.

The ornate frames around the shelves are just so beautiful, I want one so bad for our house!
This is the best Forever 21 branch, as big as a department store! with floors that glitter (like diamonds!) chandeliers, art, candelabras... Everything is just glamorous!

Here's twin #2

Just like artwork...Lots and lots of headbands!!! And for $3-$6 each, I would love to have them all! The only problem is that, they seem like disposable accessories. Oh well, you get what you pay for.

Trying on a sparkly bow headband---two for $3.60! She got those, of course. I just hope it lasts for more than one week.
Photos taken using Samsung Finesse camera phone

I used to love this shop myself. But for some reason, I didn't find anything that in any way irresistible. I guess, my tastes have changed. I enjoyed watching my kids, run around the store and bask in this once in a blue moon opportunity (you know, shopping without mom constantly begging them to put things back or suggesting "better choices") but that's probably it. This shop that was once at my top five just got kicked out of the list. There's only one on my list really... And that is Anthropologie---For me, that is my slice of heaven!

Hah, forever 21... I bid you goodbye! I am now all grown up... Finally!!!
I thought this moment will never come.


EmbellishYourself said...

I have seen Forever 21 stores popping up all over lately. Huge stores, taking the place of department stores that have gone out of business. I have never been in one and was curious. This post is great! I'll have to check it out with my 16 year old.

Chickything said...

This particular one is THE main store. And it's a whole building and I think the most beautiful one. But I'm sure your 16 year old would love it. It's just that, some items are way too fragile.

Mami Made It said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. Had this feeling with many stores I adored in younger days. Well, time flies...

Sharon said...

It's a nice looking store, nothing like what we have here. Reminds me of Korea with the style of displays and colors, however I'm in love with that dresser and would have fun with it too!