Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our tree

This has been our Christmas tree for 3 years now. We are not really fans of having a real tree. It's quite messy and it's also sad that it ends up in the dumpster after the Holidays. This one is kitschy and we can use it over and over! What can be bad about that? And it fits the style of our home.
White faux tree-available where faux trees are sold.
Plum Christmas balls, Black Christmas lights and black garland- From IKEA a few years ago.

I know it's not the typical Christmas colors- green and red. Well, we are not your typical/traditional family so these colors just fit who we are perfectly. Not that we are dark... We're just, well... different.

Years ago, I would struggle finding the perfect tree, finding the perfect decorations. Every year, I would change everything and start all over and yet none of them gave me the satisfaction that this tree gives me. Until I dig deeper inside me and tried to know who I really am. And this is the tree I came up with and I am happy that my family loves it and every November (uh yeah we start quite early) we set it up with such excitement... It feels like we have a new tree every year! And we love it so much that if only we can keep it the rest of the year, we would!

What does your tree say about who you are and your family? I suggest you try to dig deeper inside you and try to get to know that little girl (or boy) hiding inside you.
If you surround yourself with things that you love and things that represents who you are (and not of things that it's acceptable or beautiful to most) then guess what... Your heart will thank you for it!

Even if your tree looks like this... As long as it makes you happy right?
(but I guess this was an accident and not intentional so I decided to rescue this little guy)


Tolitz Rosel said...

Ganda ng xmas tree mo, mama!

Tolitz Rosel said...

This is a very beautiful christmas tree! Very cute and not over-decorated like those other trees where you can't even see the 'leaves' anymore! Awesome work! Happy Holidays!

- T