Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hello Summer

We recently went to the beach. We had so much fun. I miss the beaches in the Philippines though. Here in the U.S. nobody can go swimming. It's all about surfing and hanging out on the sand. Back in my home country, we used to swim all day. The water is very calm,shallow and warm. Oh how I miss that!

Our Summer is filled with beach trips and this weekend, we will be going to Soak City. Our family goes there every year. The kids love it. We all love it.

Happy Summer!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

another craft studio tour

I cleaned my studio today. And I feel more inspired when everything is in order. I know I've posted pictures of my space so many times already but I feel like these are the best photos I've taken of the space ever.

The # 13 was our table number at a recent wedding we went to.
I think it matches the oddities on this shelf perfectly.

I got the vintage library lamp shade for only $5.95 two weekends ago. I love it. It's in perfect condition.

This antique bowl with a gold base is so heavy, I love the look of it. I use it to store these vintage glass bottles.

I am obsessed with these granny art. Does anybody know what these are called?

I hope you loved this post!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Website opens this week

Yes, you read it right! the shop opens this week. 
Opening date will be announced here soon.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Yummy dinner

this huge platter of lobster was only $4!
After the culmination, we had dinner at Blue Ocean Restaurant in Alhambra,Ca. It was our first time. And oh my, how surprised we are to know that there's a promo going on for 99 cents a pound lobster and 99cents a pound crab! We asked over and over just to make sure we heard it right. And yes we did hear it right! It was awesome! It's just a dine in special so we were so bummed to find out that if we get it to take home, it would cost us $14 a pound.

my mom, looking gorgeous at 64!

everything was so good, we can't even pick a favorite

The bill was only $70 (+$8 gratuity) and after eating they brought out a huge bowl of beans with hot chocolate soup ( don't know what it's called) and it was so yummy! and it was for free!

We are definitely going back.

Blue Ocean Seafood Restaurant
1412 S Garfield Ave
Alhambra, CA 91801

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Day

It was the twin's culmination day today. Little did we know, we were up for a big surprise.

Both of them got an award for Language arts and one of them was on the honor roll!!!
My kids have struggled in school all these years because of a bunch of reasons. So these awards meant the world to us.
We did not expect them to get anything. I even put down the camdorder as they were calling the students who won awards. And all of a sudden, they called out their names and we almost passed out...Literally!
My mister screamed and screamed like he has never done before as I struggled to get the camcorder ready, whew, just in time.
I am a proud mama. I almost cried.

The twin's dress were from Forever 21 and flats were from H&M

My son and his cousin, Juliana.

We just had to celebrate this awesome event! Photos of our awesome dinner coming tomorrow!
You must check out the Chinese restaurant we've dined at.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Visual feast

                 I am loving the photos of this beautiful site called Pony Rider. Very beautiful...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

self portraits

Haven't done this awhile. I used to take photos of myself all the time but since baby #4, doing it has become nothing but a thought. But yesterday, I've managed to sneak in some me-time while he was having a very rare long nap.

Inspiration: 1960's;Twiggy

I couldn't find my camera remote. It was such a hassle finding a good shot while holding a camera in front of the mirror.

Oh well, next time, I'll come prepared.

I hope you like it.