Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Day

It was the twin's culmination day today. Little did we know, we were up for a big surprise.

Both of them got an award for Language arts and one of them was on the honor roll!!!
My kids have struggled in school all these years because of a bunch of reasons. So these awards meant the world to us.
We did not expect them to get anything. I even put down the camdorder as they were calling the students who won awards. And all of a sudden, they called out their names and we almost passed out...Literally!
My mister screamed and screamed like he has never done before as I struggled to get the camcorder ready, whew, just in time.
I am a proud mama. I almost cried.

The twin's dress were from Forever 21 and flats were from H&M

My son and his cousin, Juliana.

We just had to celebrate this awesome event! Photos of our awesome dinner coming tomorrow!
You must check out the Chinese restaurant we've dined at.

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Erica Leigh said...

congrats to the twins! culmination AND awards? that's great! ^_^