Wednesday, June 23, 2010

another craft studio tour

I cleaned my studio today. And I feel more inspired when everything is in order. I know I've posted pictures of my space so many times already but I feel like these are the best photos I've taken of the space ever.

The # 13 was our table number at a recent wedding we went to.
I think it matches the oddities on this shelf perfectly.

I got the vintage library lamp shade for only $5.95 two weekends ago. I love it. It's in perfect condition.

This antique bowl with a gold base is so heavy, I love the look of it. I use it to store these vintage glass bottles.

I am obsessed with these granny art. Does anybody know what these are called?

I hope you loved this post!


PetSugar said...

oh my gosh i adore your art!!!!

Erica Leigh said...

i love your new vintage finds! hmm, i'm not sure what the "granny art" is called..."embroidered-picture-painting-portrait-of-sorts"? that's the best i could come up with. >_<