Tuesday, June 15, 2010

self portraits

Haven't done this awhile. I used to take photos of myself all the time but since baby #4, doing it has become nothing but a thought. But yesterday, I've managed to sneak in some me-time while he was having a very rare long nap.

Inspiration: 1960's;Twiggy

I couldn't find my camera remote. It was such a hassle finding a good shot while holding a camera in front of the mirror.

Oh well, next time, I'll come prepared.

I hope you like it.


Erica Leigh said...

ohh i love your self-portraits! you look gorgeous and i love your hair color so much (hehe, yay! we do have the same bangs now. except i can never get mine to stay straight like yours >_<)


Chickything said...

Thanks Erica! Your comments mean so much. Argh! my bangs part in the middle sometimes and I hate it when that happens. Sometimes when I have time I use this little mini flat iron, so cute and very useful if you want your bangs to stay straight.