Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Time has wings

and it can fly fast... So you better run after it!
My twins are graduating on Thursday and will begin high school on the next school year. I still have to pinch myself every now and then because I still can't believe it. It seems just yesterday when I held them in my arms the first time.

And now, they are almost as tall as me, walking around the house wearing my platforms and constantly nagging me if they can go to school wearing it. My 'no' has always been firm but deep inside I am just in denial. They are still my little babies, though we constantly fight about unfinished chores, inside of my heart, they are still the tiny babies that I only have unconditional love for.

Time does move so fast, too fast for anyone to catch up to. I say, make the most of life with your kids (if you have any) because they are only little just for a very short time. TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES! You'll thank yourself after. I'm glad I did. I could have taken more though. There could never be enough pictures.

 It's nice to look at old photos specially on special events. I know I'd be doing this all over again on their wedding day. Oh my, I hope time does not move that fast.

Here are some old photos I'd like to share with you all.

Real polaroid pictures, circa. 1996

Disneyland.circa. 1998

All three of them, circa. 2004

circa. 2005

circa. 2007

and now...

Happy Graduation my beautiful girls! I hope your high school life will be as much fun as mine but with less mistakes,heartaches and regrets.
I love you.


Erica Leigh said...

aww, these are too cute! it's great that you've documents so much of their lives. and congrats to your daughters! <3

Chickything said...

Thanks so much! We are getting ready to go right now. Oh how much they've grown!