Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our weekend

I haven't been out for a long time because I got so sick but finally the antibiotics kicked in and I was well by Friday last week. So I finally was able to get out and enjoy the warm Spring weather which was lovely by the way!

We went to the Americana at the Brand (it's very close to where we live) like we always do. And I got to see Alice In Wonderland for the SECOND time. I was still very entertained as I was the first time. But I think I've enjoyed seeing it last night more. The first time I saw it was at midnight, it was past my bedtime and I was very tired. I am still too in love with the costumes of Alice. I can't seem to get over the magic of Coleen Atwood.

Then the girls (my little girls,that is.) and I window shopped. The Forever 21 (XXII) at the Americana is awful! It's the worst branch I've ever visited. There was only a small space dedicated for accessories and they were probably the most awful accessories I've ever seen in my entire life! A lot of them were broken and the designs were just so cheap. I love going to the one in Pasadena which I've blogged about here. Very glam!

I bought 2 shirts from H&M for my 2 year old son which I will post pictures of when he finally wears them. I love their clothes and they are very affordable, don't you think?

Then we went to Barnes & Noble to meet up with my Mister and my baby boy who was too young to see Alice and we shopped for books. Our family is obsessed with books! Then after that, we went to IHOP for dinner.

Our area needs more awesome restaurants. We always have a hard time deciding where to eat. Do you have any suggestions of good places to eat at around the L.A. area? both kid-friendly and not kid-friendly. I would appreciate your suggestions. Thanks!

How about you? How was your weekend?

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Erica Leigh said...

yesss! the movie was so nice to look at. i was so taken by all those beautiful costumes! i'm obsessed with all of alice's dresses, but can't seem to find pictures of the ones when she kept shrinking/growing.

i wish i knew more eateries around la! sorry. >_<