Thursday, March 25, 2010

Craft studio tour

Here are some photos of my craft studio/office. I will take better pictures next time.

I love this painted window that is hanging on the wall. I got it from the fleamarket.I can still remember how difficult it was to carry it all the way to the parking lot! The black dresser is a vintage piece that I altered/restored. I wrote about how to achieve this here

This is my desk. I love the yellow, fabric bunting that I made out of vintage fabric. It's so whimsical. I don't like the curtain though. I promised that it will go but it's still up there.

I love this vintage Romeo & Juliet plaque. As you can see, she's pregnant.

And my precious, rare, vintage Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass book collection.

I hope you enjoyed it. I know it's not perfect but it will be. I will also be posting the other rooms of our home soon.

Have a happy Thursday!



your room is lovely, especially the romeo & juliet sign, i want!


mama grubbs said...

i love all of your stuff!

Chickything said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comments. It melts my heart. :)

Erica Leigh said...

where'd you get that pink clock?? i'm in love with it!

it's always fun seeing other people's work spaces! don't worry, i didn't forget about the 'favorite spaces' thing, it's just that my room is an awful mess and i'd hate to photograph it in that state. i promise i'll get to it soon.


Chickything said...

Hi E.L.! Sorry your name is so long, I hope you don't mind If I shortened it. :)
The pink clock is from this online store called plasticland
You probably have heard of it. I don't know if they still have this clock but check any way. They have very cool stuff.

About the Favorite Spaces entry, take your time. I understand how hard it is. Look how long showing what's inside my bag took me.