Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh Spring!

I am finally feeling better after staying in bed for 5 long days, popping pills, crying due to aches and pains here and there... I am now better and 'almost' back to my old hyper self again. Even my 2 year old who was also sick during when I was is now back to his own day to day rituals.

I think the warm, perfect day contributed to it but most especially, my wonderful mister and mom who even missed a few days of work just to fill in for my 'abandoned position' here at home and also to tend to my over demanding self.( I tend to be that way when I am sick).


So now, I am feeling quite refreshed , those 5 days in bed were really good for me. I was exhausted prior to getting sick. A big family with 4 kids, an online business, ton of housework and a whole lot more of other things is no joke.
So now, I am excited to be starting up a better system so I wouldn't stretch myself too much.
And so nothing in my life becomes neglected. I am setting up new goals and plans for both my domestic life and online.

I am very oprimistic. This weather can really lift someone's spirits 'eh? I am also excited for great things to do and trips to take. Like picnics at the park and the beach!
What are your plans this Spring? Can you share it with me?
But whatever they may be. Always remember to sit, relax, breathe and enjoy the beauty around you. Sometimes I forget that because I am moving way too fast!


Erica Leigh said...

my plans for spring? hmm...working on more things for my shop (i'm saving up money for my trip over the summer), hanging out with my friends before graduation, and doing tons of relaxing, haha.

i'm glad you're feeling much better and i can't wait to hear about your new goals. yesss, the weather has put me in a good mood too! :)

and also, you're so sweet! haha, i would sell my cupcakes but i use the boxed mixes most of the time. eep. >_< besides, i like eating them more than i like sharing them (hehe).

Chickything said...

Hi Miss E.L.!
Your cupcakes look amazing! They always look perfect, even prettier than those I see elsewhere!
Where are you going this Summer? Let me guess... Paris?
If that's the case, can you take me with you? Please? pretty please?

CarzooCritters said...

I hope you feel better and get back to your regular self very soon! I feel you, just had emergency dental work and have been in tons of pain and on medicine, it's no fun!

I just moved out to LA, my spring plans are to visit new places and try new things =) hehe