Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sweet and sour...

Hi everyone! how was your weekend? Mine was well, not quite as how I want to have spent it. I was in the ER last night because I couldn't breathe and my fever kept coming back. So xrays were done and voila! Pneumonia! Ack! So now, more bed rest and more medication, unfortunately. But I can feel that I am almost getting better. So I had to fill my days up with lots of rest, tv and pretty pictures of sweets, just like these...

How pretty this photo is! Love the pink lights!


and this super pretty party! I love those pretty macarons around the cake!


I love the color of this cake roll!
(click on image source for the recipe of this beautiful blue cake!)
And this owl cake! Genius! It looks so perfect!

and this super cute cloud cake! So Kawaii!

And can you imagine having this cake for your wedding? I sure can!

And I don't mind this one, no matter how wacky! I love it!


They sure can lift someone's spirits and make them smile again. Did it make you smile? I hope so. Have a happy week ahead of you! I hope mine is better than the last.


CarzooCritters said...

I really wish you well and hope you feel better soon!

Neat cake pictures, definitely lifts my spirits lately =)

Chickything said...

Thanks for the well wishes CarzooCritters! and for always visiting my blog! YOU lift my spirits up! Thanks!

Erica Leigh said...

oh my gosh, i'm so sorry you were in the ER! i hope you really do get better soon. being sick is no fun.

i really like all the cake pictures (the cloud one especially!! hehe!! and the last one is pretty cool too, even though it makes me nervous looking at it).

also, you've been tagged! i want to know what's in your purse because i'm weird like that. ;)

PetSugar said...

wow i don't know how i missed this post... i love the idea of all these merged cakes. i somehow want to live in a house shaped like this

Chickything said...

I will be your neighbor if that happens Petsugar.