Thursday, January 28, 2010

Obsessed with...


I eat this so many times a day. I even dream of it when I'm asleep. I love putting it on different kinds of food. My current favorite is croissant and nutella. I've tried so many combinations and the possibilities are endless!

Here are some that I've tried and how to make them.

croissant+nutella-slice the croissant and spread the nutella and cook both sides on hot pan but not too long though and do not press the croissant, it's better when it's fluffy. The croissant turns flaky and buttery even if you did'nt add any butter. You can also add some nutella on top of the croissant. This is good too when it's not warm. My kids love it when I make some for school. You can also use mini croissants for parties.

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ritz crackers+nutella-Just spread it on top of each ritz cracker and serve. The saltiness of the crackers and the sweetness of the Nutella is just a divine combination.

flour tortillas+nutella-I tried this just this morning and it's awesome! Spread nutella on the tortilla then fold it in half. Put it on a very hot pan and cook both sides just like how you would cook quesadillas.( I call this nutella quesadillas) Then slice it into triangles and serve! make sure you eat it while warm and it tastes just like crepes!

celery+nutella-dip celery sticks into it like how you would with celery and peanut butter!

wheat bread+nutella+sliced bananas-Remember Elvis' favorite peanut butter sandwich, do just that but replace the pb with nutella then grill it on a panini grill or a very hot pan. Eat it while it's warm.

Oh, I could go on and on...

I want some of these! Does anyone know if it's available in the U.S.?

image from here

image from here

I want to try this next! I love making wontons with cream cheese, I know it would be yummy with nutella too!

Oh I love you Nutella!


CarzooCritters said...

I have never ever tried nutella, you have totally convinced me to try it =)

jhing said...

hi janine!!hmmm,want to explore,do you think Nutella would be good too with my booze?LOL.i like eating Pita with nutella too,so yummy.

kay said...

Sooooo yummy!!!!

SugarberrySensations said...

Hi again! It seems as if, just all of a sudden, I have been hearing so much about Nutella!

I have never tried it - maybe I will have to! =)


That's It said...
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That's It said...

I first tried Nutella while in Austria - I fell in LOVE. I wonder if it would be good wrapped puffed pastry. - tee,