Thursday, April 22, 2010

I love you Earth!

Hi, as promised... More Earth Day tips for everyone!

1. Ride a bike. It's good for your health and your environment.
2.Turn off air conditioner when not in use. There are so many people that I know who leave their air conditioning on even if they are not home. Always remember, not because you can afford it, it's okay to waste it.
3.Cook at home, instead of eating out. It minimizes trash and it's so much healthier.
4.Plug off laptop chargers and cell phone chargers, I'm sure you've heard this before but are we really following it? I need to remind myself this because I, too tend to forget.
5.Watch less tv, turn off tv when not in use. Or watch from one television, instead of one from every room of the house. Think of it as quality time for the family.
6.Go to your local library and read books, instead of watching movies/tv. It's good for your kids and yourself. A little quiet time can do us all some good.
7.Invest on rechargeable batteries. They are so much better than disposable ones.
8. This Summer, why don't we give our dryer a break and use the clothesline to dry our clothes? Our clothes would smell so fresh and our planet would thank us for it.
9.If you haven't used clothes,shoes or accessories for a whole year (or more), call the Salvation Army or drop them off to your nearest thrift store. Someone else could be using it, instead of the moths in your storage or closet.
10. host a clothes swapping parties! It's so much fun. Invite friends or family, ask them to bring clothes and things that they don't use and you can all swap stuff! Isn't that fun?

I hope that these tips help. We can all do something in our own little way.
Have a Happy Earth Day!

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Erica Leigh said...

these are wonderful tips! i go to the library a lot (perhaps i should start riding my bike there? except, i'm a super weak bike rider lol).

i love the idea of a swap party. i want to have one now!! :D