Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day! And I have a question for you, how do you reduce your carbon print? It's just a simple question that I'd like everyone to ponder with today.

In the light of Earth Day, I want to share some tips about helping our dear planet. It doesn't matter if we do a little, what matters is that we do something.

Here are some tips that I hope you find useful

Based on my experience, I've noticed that not a lot of people really know what should go in the recycle bin. (blue bin for Los Angeles residents) I know someone who puts only soda cans and soda bottles in their recycle bin which is a no no. I know someone who puts food scraps on their recycle bin which is a bigger no no. I seriously think that all bins should have a list of some sort printed on them just so people know what to do.

Did you know that these recycle bins go to a sorting facility and people who work there sort these things by hand? And don't you think it would be so awful if there are food scraps there? which of course would have little squirmies included? Ack. So, I say let's help them by doing the right thing! I researched and this is what I found...

What goes in the recycle bin:
-Paper Items:

All clean dry paper, computer, ledger, wrapping, arts and craft paper, junk mail, flyers, telephone books, note cards, newspaper, blueprints, magazines, file folders, paper bags, Post-it notes, catalogs, envelopes including those with windows

-All cardboard boxes and chipboard:
Cereal, tissue, dry food, frozen food, shoe, and detergent boxes; paper towel and toilet rolls; and corrugated boxes broken down and flattened

Aluminum, tin, metal, and bi-metal cans such as soda, juice, soup, vegetables, and pet food cans, pie tins, clean aluminum foils, aerosol cans with plastic caps removed, and wire hangers


Glass bottles and jars including, soda, wine, beer, spaghetti sauce, pickle jars, even broken bottles.
All clean plastics 1-7 such as empty plastic containers, soda, juice, detergent, bleach, shampoo, lotion, mouthwash, dishwashing liquid bottles, milk jugs, tubs for margarine and yogurt, plastic planters, food and blister packaging, rigid clamshell packaging.
Plastic and film bags like, grocery bags and dry cleaner bags, and all clean film plastic.
All Clean Polystyrene Styrofoam, cups, containers, and packaging such as Styrofoam egg cartons, block packaging, and clamshell packaging, packaging peanuts
Miscellaneous plastics: 
Plastic coat hangers, non-electric plastic toys, plastic swimming pools, & plastic laundry baskets

There you go. I hope this helps!
I've seen a lot of my neighbors leave furnitures in good condition on their curb and have them picked up by the trash truck.

 Little did they know that what would be junk for them can be treasures for others. So, please, if you know anybody who does this, enlighten them! There is someone out there who is looking for that exact thing that you or someone is throwing out. 
Please call The Salvation Army to pick it up and put that furniture into good use instead of them ending up in the landfills! If your neighbor is too lazy to do that, be a good samaritan and call SA for them.
gift wrapping. 
All gift wrappers get thrown out. So why not get creative? And use other items that you would usually throw out as awesome, organic gift wrappers.

What I personally use as gift wrappers are Japanese magazines and newspapers. Try it! They look very pretty.

Say no to shopping bags.
Bring your own reusable shopping bag, even at the mall. Why not right?

Buy from thrift stores
Thrift store finds are very chic, cheap and are in better quality than new products in the stores. It's just a matter of practice (or talent, like me)in finding the perfect stuff.

 I almost never buy new things. And that lessens my carbon print!

I hope these tips help you. Please link back to my blog if you need to spread the word and help our planet.
More tips are coming all day today! So check my blog again!
Have a Happy Earth Day! 
Why not go out and enjoy the beautiful day today with your family?

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