Friday, September 24, 2010

Party mood

It's 2am. I wake up in 3 hours and I'm still awake. I'm working on some party favors for Saturday (carnival themed 3rd birthday party for my son)  and I feel like sharing them to you before I go to bed.

I used the left over popcorn bags from this candyland themed party we had last year. I just love these bags! They're like glassine envelopes. Very delicate but I love the vintage quality of it.
I got some colorful bubbles from Walmart and some candies. I've decided to skip the toys since kids just end up throwing them away. Not really practical and bad for the environment.
stuff inside: oreo or marshmallows, skittles or Laffy taffy, Caramel Apple Lollipop, bubbles
 I used the tape I bought from a Japanese store to label the bottles. I also used it to close the bags.
I am using a vintage wooden crate for this
Goodnight world!

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