Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pretty macarons

I want French macarons right now but I'm on a strict diet. So looking at them is instant torture. But don't you just love these pretty little things? The lovely blogger Katrina of Pugly Pixel made these macarons for you to decorate your photos with. Visit her blog here but please do follow her wishes that these may not be used for commercial purposes BUT of course you still can for a small fee.

I am so tired, we laid on new flooring in the kid's bedrooms. Will post photos soon. We're not quite done yet but what matters is we're getting there.

Happy Memorial Day to you my pretties!


Erica Leigh said...

ahhh i still want to try the macarons in LA! i never did get any while i was in paris (boo. too expensive when i did find them).


Chickything said...

Really? I thought they'd be cheaper over there. How much was it?