Friday, May 21, 2010


Aren't these little happy faces so much fun?  I love them!

Today I started DAY ONE of doing more exercise like running on the tread mill. I really need it! I swear!
It felt so good but then after that, my mister's good friend/lead singer of their band brought these for me...
Aren't they pretty? These are cupcakes from Dots. It still won't beat my all-time faves Sprinkles and Crumbs but it's good enough to cure a cupcake crave.

After that we had some Japanese food then we went to the Americana. We went shopping for the kiddies at Paperchase and Kitson  and I bought myself a Voluspa candle from there. I was going to buy it from Anthropologie but didn’t. By the way Anthro is having a huge sale! You must check that out, lots of goodies are marked down 50%.

Speaking of the candle I bought. I just love it so much! I’ve never bought a candle worth $15 before. I am cheap like that. $15 is a lot of money for me but I am so envious of the fragrant smell in Anthro every time you walked in. So, I noticed that they use Voluspa often so I went with it! And what a wonderful choice! My house feels so homey and the smell just envelopes your whole being and makes you happy! It makes me happy, I just have to go out and buy some more! I want every part of my house to smell great!
You can buy it here amongst many other places.

All images are my own except for the voluspa candle.

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