Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pretty dress where art thou?

Photo by Forever 21 that I've altered

My twin daughters are graduating next month and will be freshmen in high school soon. How fast was that?
Anyways, they need dresses! And where do I find them? I saw these awesome photo on Forever 21 a few months ago but for some reason they don't really sell the dresses that were used on this photo shoot. Bummer. Why would they use clothes they don't actually sell? Odd.
So where do I find dresses with character? Any suggestions? They are very much welcome. I need help!


Anonymous said...

have you tried nordstrom's juniors department? i seem to recall having seen some cute ones (in my day). :D

good luck!

Sensible Obsessions said...

Ugh! I made a post about this awhile back because I'm insanely in love with the white dress.

You think that they would promote items they actually have!

Macy's has some pretty dresses and Etsy is defiantly worth checking out(

Chickything said...

Thanks Katrina! I will check that out.

Sensible, I wanted that white dress! I know it's weird that they use clothes that they don't actually sell. Tsk. Thanks for your suggestions!