Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Change is the only thing constant in life

This is my little boy who is not so little anymore. How fast time flies, I have a hard time catching up. I miss his skin that smells like milk. No more drooling or biting everything he touches.This little boy who is 2 1/2 years old spends his day on the imac, surfing through his favorite Nick Jr songs on youtube or playing games on Nickjr.com all by himself. Having a computer programmer papa might be to blame for that. Soon, he will be graduating to little big boy undies. And that makes me quite emotional. Why can't they just stay this way forever?

As you may all know, I've just recently celebrated my 33rd birthday last Sunday. And that made me a little bit wiser. I was too busy with the things I've been doing online that It has been quite a shock to finally realize how fast my kids are growing up. I do have a lot of dreams that I want to fulfill but somehow they were kind of excluded from it. But now, I've finally made the decision to take quite a big leap and embrace change.

my 14 year old twin #1
The original concept of my blog and shop was all about kids. Hence the name "Chickything' which was derived from the Filipino word 'CHIKITING" or "TSIKITING" meaning kids. For some reason, I got swept away from the original concept and did an entirely different theme.

 twin #2
I know it's normal for artists to constantly change their minds about what they want to do and I've dealt with that all my life. But now I think I am nearing the final curtain of this long time search.

child #3

So this blog will take a wide turn and will feature my kids, our family life and my life as a mom as originally planned. I want this thing that I love to do to involve my family that I love so much. I no longer want to neglect any part of my life while doing something I enjoy. And I know that doing something together can bring us much, much closer.

That's all.

Have a happy week and I hope that you still join me on this journey.

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PetSugar said...

i'm happy to hear that. of coure i'm sticking around for the journey. whats better than you adding so much more enthusiasm and passion to your blog!? i'm also happy to know the origin of chickything