Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pretty in pink

These photos from Papier-mache are just way too pretty that I could not get a hold of myself. The photos are just so sweet that I want to turn back time and take photos of my little girls again like how they did in this photo shoot.

So sweet it makes my tooth ache. I will never get tired of seeing pink and bows.


Erica Leigh said...

ohh you found such pretty photos again, nina! so pink and cute! :D

i never get tired of pink and bows either, haha.

and in reply to your comment, we can do a bow swap! ^_^ i'm going away for a couple of weeks, but i'll e-mail you when i get back.

the way it usually works is we just exchange addresses and any special requests for bow sizes/colors. then we decide on when we'll send it out. let me know if you're still interested! it'll be fun.


Chickything said...

Yes of course I'm interested! I'll wait for your email. Have a fun time on your trip!

Anonymous said...

i hear ya -- i especially love the girl's bright pink bow tie.