Monday, February 7, 2011

Oh, for the love of vintage!

Last weekend was heaven. I bought so many things, more than my two hands can handle, (it took me 3 trips inside the store to the car) and all for how much you ask? $14! You heard that right. 14 bucks!
I think I've bought more than 20 items including a coffee table, fur coats, vintage cake stand, a huge rembrandt painting and things that I can't remember anymore.

Here are some outrageously priced items I've found.
Brand new vintage shoes, 50 cents
probably Italian but who cares where it came from?

Vintage boots, oh I love it! 95 cents!
and this...
A vintage typewriter that actually works! 99cents!
I know it's crazy and you're probably sitting there, shaking your head, I am doing the same thing right this minute but smiling!

I love Thrift store sales! It happens rarely but I'm glad I did go!

Have a great week ahead of you! And thanks for visiting my blog :)


aiz kim said...

great shoe finds...and i love vintage typewriters. good thing they're still in here in our part of the!

Chickything said...

Typewriters here are very rare. It was so funny when I brought this one home, my kids were all over it like it's some new piece of high tech gadget. They kept saying "Mom what do you call this again?"

deannaburasco said...

Absolutely love those green wedges! What a great find!