Monday, February 7, 2011


I need change. I need change in every area of my life. I need a new hairstyle, I need a new career, new lifetstyle.... I need change, I can't say that enough. Every nerve in my body is asking for it. I am unhappy about how things are going. Dissatisfied. I know I can do better than this. I just know it.

So these coming days, I am evolving and so is the shop... So is the blog. 
The blog will have more of my photography because that is what I enjoy doing.
So why not show you more of that yeah?

I did a little survey weeks ago and the comments were not published but most of the suggestions I got was more photos of my kids and I will give you more of that too.
I hope you still join me on this journey, as you have joined me in the past changes on the blog and my ever constantly changing shop.
I promise you, it will make you keep coming back for more.



sirku said...

I think some red colour would look good on your hair! =)
greetings from frrrrreezing Finland! =)

aiz kim said...

ditto to sirku....let's do the red hair thing. I think it'll be perfect for your gorgeous face. Am so in love with Alison Sudol's hair, am dying to have mine in red too. Goodluck on the changes you want to pursue.

Chickything said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Sirku and for the hair color suggestion. Aiz, you're too sweet! But yeah, I might try that red hair! So excited.

sirku said...
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