Friday, February 4, 2011

Eating Right

from my grocery stop yesterday

I am coming to the realization that we mommies are in charge of the health of our whole family. For many years, I've convinced myself that giving my family what they enjoy eating was the way to go but boy was I wrong. I've always thought that I've done a good job when they leave the table stuffed and sleepy. Pigging out on the table meant good food, overflowing plates at every meal that seemed like Thanksgiving dinner was a good thing, but no, after many years of being a mommy, I now realized that this is not the way we should go. I am taking action. I know I've said this before, many times in fact but this time I really mean it. No more homemade cupcakes with sky high butter cream frosting, no more ice cream whenever the kids (and the hubby) want them, no more greasy, unhealthy food and absolutely no more junk! I will carefully be planning meals, more veggies, less meat and I will be juicing fresh fruits again. I will do yoga, walk the dog, go to the park, do the treadmill and watch less Netflix (that is the hardest part really). I am skipping discount grocery stores because we are only tempted to buy cheap, unhealthy food. I will drink less coffee, take multivitamins everyday and drink lots and lots of water. Did you know that I almost do not drink water? I drink about 4 cups of creme brulee coffee a day and lots of tea. I eat a lot of sweets, more than is legally allowed for one person! And I sometimes could eat 3 chili burgers in one day, yes, one for breakfast, one for lunch and dinner. Come on! I am not 16 anymore and even if I was, it's still wouldn't be right. For breakfast, I would bake sugary muffins or would make greasy sausages, bacon, eggs and pancakes or sometimes with rice! And everyone here, feels weak and sleepy instead of feeling energized. I am unhealthy, I live a very unhealthy life and this is what I am passing on to my children?

So if you are a mommy, I challenge you to do this with me. Let us all make our families healthier, shall we? Their health depends on what we put on the table. They would eat whatever we serve them. Trust me.

I want to be healthy and I want my family to be healthy and I am doing this because I love myself and I love them.


aiz kim said...

Funny, i was also guilty on the no-water but coffee instead scenario. I still get my caffeine fix but i limit it to twice a week these days, and yes its difficult like quitting a bad habit. I totally agree with you on how important the way we moms prepare food. We were all meat-eaters and now am trying to make them love eating greens. It's a battle every meal especially with my little guy and though sometimes he gives me the "evil eye" every time he sees his plate...i couldn't care less as long as he eats healthy. To family and health...cheers!

Chickything said...

It is a struggle,specially here where eating healthy means 'expensive' and 'more time'. You are very fortunate to be in a place where fresh veggies are very affordable. Here, organic veggies are sooo expensive, it's crazy! And veggies from the grocery store are tasteless clones of the real ones, I so miss the gigantic strawberries there and the sweetest greens I've ever had in my life! Well, goodluck to both of us, I hope we do change our health this year (ugh, I'm writing this while drinking creme brulee coffee!).