Monday, February 28, 2011

Beautiful Weekend



On Saturday, we went to a friend's house in Hermosa Beach. He was moving to New Zealand and leaving all his things behind. My mister and I were up very early in the morning, drove there in a truck and hauled all the stuff to where we live an hour away. He was starting a new life in NZ with only a suitcase and new dreams with him and nothing else. How exciting is that? He is a very generous man who gave us not only material things but also knowledge, love and hope to become better human beings. I still have a lot of work to do on that part but what matters is that I want to become a better person, everything else is just up to time and effort.

 On Sunday, my twin daughter's friend turned 15 and we were invited. They wore pretty dresses, flowers on their hair and had the chance to ride in a limo for the very first time.
We stuffed ourselves with good food and hung out with lovely people. The place was breathtaking, it was held at the country club overlooking the snow capped mountaintops. I couldn't stop looking at the beautiful view. I realized that some of us become way too busy doing other things that we forget to look up at the beautiful blue sky or the star-filled sky at night. I am so guilty of that.
We often forget to look around us and see how beautiful our surroundings are. The world is so beautiful, people are beautiful. I challenge you to drop what you're doing and look around you and just be thankful that you are alive. Life is beautiful, no matter what we are going through, every day is a gift!
Happy Monday to you, whoever you are. If you are new here, I'm glad you found me and if you have been here before, I'm glad that you're back.


fhen said...

breathtaking panorama photos
love them all
and it looks like a grat party
wishing you a great week ahead!

Anonymous said...

wow! it looks like you had a great weekend... those photos are amazing! I came across one of your photos on We ♥ It ...and I'm so glad I looked for the source :) x said...

wow what a great party! Love your mask! Great photos gorgeous!