Sunday, February 27, 2011

Welcome to my shop

The shop is finally open. There are more things to do. More items to upload. So please check back everyday for new good things.

Things to check out on the site:
The LookBook link is located on the top right of the website. All clothes on the gypsy collection will be added this week. All clothes were handmade by myself using the finest vintage materials and/or recycled clothes. None of the materials were bought so these pieces are eco-friendly, well made and of course, one of a kind. They will never be replicated ever, so only you will ever own it in the whole world.

 The owl, cilck this to follow me on twitter.

The Book/The Story for some facts about myself.

I know there aren't a lot of items listed yet but lots of items from every category will be added this week.
Please share your thoughts. Thanks!

1 comment:

aiz kim said...

the shop is really really beautiful...congratulations again. And if you did all the html for that site...hats off to you. I also pretty much taught myself all those html peskies...which could get really daunting at times! Again am a fan!