Saturday, March 5, 2011

Farmer's Market Love

We visited South Pasadena's Farmer's Market this week. We swore to buy veggies and fruits there instead of buying from the groceries. Organic produce are much tastier and fresher compared to store bought ones. I even got my kids to eat an all veggie sandwich a couple of times and even their friends were envious of how beautiful it looked compared to their Pb & J's.
Organic produce reminds me of home. All our veggies there are fresh and rarely treated of chemicals. And all eggs are from free range chickens. Our chickens there aren't hormone induced, they are very small unlike the giant, tasteless chickens here.

Eating healthy in the States is not cheap and I don't understand it. I also don't get why the government do not push people to eat healthier.
Eggs from free range chickens $4.99 for a dozen, you can get 36 eggs for $4.99 at a discount big chain grocery. And no, I did not buy these eggs because of the pretty, pink box ( though I am in love with the box), these eggs are just sooo good.
I love these assorted flavored hummus and the Tunisian feta cheese is just delish! These are from Mom's product's ' booth. make sure you drop by their booth if you are visiting this specific farmer's market.

Of course, Carmela Ice Cream! I missed eating this. This time I got Strawberry Buttermilk. I wish I got the usual which is Lavender Honey. $3.00 for a tiny cup. Not kind for the wallet but the memory of it's yumminess will last forever.

Organic strawberries! $3.50 for a tiny basket, $8.00 for 3 baskets. One plastic container for $1.50 at our local grocery. These taste worlds away from the ones in the stores.

And this was our breakfast this morning

And this veggie sandwich for lunch

Cheese bread or any bread you like
alfalfa sprouts
feta cheese
olive oil

I used cheese bread that I bought from the Farmer's Market. I used some raw olive oil to grease the pan ( you can use any EVOO) Then I toasted the bread with hummus and crumbled Tunisian feta cheese (you can use any type of cheese, but feta cheese is so good) After toasting both sides, I added all the other ingredients, like the alfalfa sprouts, sliced tomatoes and lettuce. I used all organic veggies.
It's just sooo good, you must try it yourself. My kids love it, no bribing needed.

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