Thursday, February 10, 2011

Art Love

Remember our bedroom wall? Well, I loved it but not loved loved it. So I changed it into this.
This is more me. And I smile every time I look at it as I doze off to sleep and when the moon light shines against this old Rembrandt painting.

LALA LOVE YOU art print, by Sparkle Power
It's like stepping into a very old home. I love making our house look like there is a lot of history in it. Like an old house in Europe with a twist, of course because of the modern print on the top left.
I love that women rule this wall! Well, I just realized now that I'm writing this that I do have quite a big collection of old art with women on it.I wonder what that means.
I have so much art that I am running out of wall space! I think I need a bigger house because I can't stop collecting them. :)

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jennifer ▲ i art u said...

i know what you mean about loving something but not loving loving it! so much beautiful history!