Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our Bedroom

I love our bedroom. It is cozy and decorated just the way I like it... With lots of gold, antiques and just enough dose of art.
My favorite chocolates next to the bed
Beautiful flowers in a vase
How romantic... Just like any bedroom should be... Really.
Because we only have a queen size bed and this kid in between my mister and I.
Yes! like most Asian families, I am guilty of this. And I suffer every night, due to terrible backaches since we do not have enough wiggle room on our bed. I, too stayed with my mom and dad until first grade! How terrible that must have been for them.

No matter how we try to make him go to his own bed, somehow he always finds his way back to ours.
So for now, I can only dream and cross my fingers that this little guy finally learns how to love his own bed and stays there alone each and every night.

This is one of my big goals before March.
Wish me luck.


aiz kim said...

i can totally relate to son also occupies half of our bed and hubby and i practically have no breathing space anymore as we were too squeezed in...hahaha. But we don't mind.

Thank you by the way for the sweetest words you left on my last post. Cheers to us moms!

deannaburasco said...

I just love reading your blog posts! We let our daughter sleep in our bed on weekend nights, which gives her something to look forward has worked out really well. They are only little for so long, so I really enjoy the snuggling for now!

Chickything said...

wow that made me feel better. Now, I'm not rushing trying to fulfill that goal anymore. I know it's a big step and I know it would break my heart. Whenever I transfer him to his bed while he's asleep, I couldn't sleep at all without him next to me. So, I end up waiting for him to crawl back in and that's when I fall asleep. My daughter stayed with me until she was in first grade and now sleeps on her own so I guess, it's okay? I feel better now knowing that I'm not alone. Thanks guys!