Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Breakfast, the aftermath

I love looking at our messy table after each meal, it only means that I made my family happy by preparing yummy food. Of course, I hate cleaning it all up but I love taking photos of the calm after the chaos.

This was how our table looked like after breakfast today.
I baked banana walnut muffins, they were awesome!

wrong date.
I love my big family and my messy house. 


Pattie said...

I'm the youngest of 7 so we always had thanksgiving like meals lol I really miss it now. And, the funny thing is I don't know how to cook for fewer than 3 people...yay to leftovers :D

aizkim said...

what a beautiful mess it is! love your photos!

The House of Isla

Chickything said...

Pattie wow that's a big family!. I too can't cook for a few anymore.
Aizkim, thanks so much for the compliment and for visiting my blog!