Friday, February 11, 2011

Baby Love

Dear River,
             Please don't grow up too fast. I noticed that your pajamas and pants are already up to your knees and yet I still let you wear them. Your (our) favorite red boots don't fit you anymore and yet we still try them on every now and then, hoping for a little miracle that it would fit again. I know you are not a baby anymore because we can now hold a decent conversation with each other (but only when you feel like it, often times, you pretend that you can't hear anything I say). You are almost as tall as the 5 year olds out there and I don't like it and I'm pretty sure their moms don't like it either.

I miss holding your tiny body in my arms and staring at you for hours, swaddled in your little blankie. Now, you hate blankets, you sleep talk and you take all the space on our bed.

I miss the times when you would eat anything that I give you, no matter how boring or awful, you ate them like there was no tomorrow. Now, you only like to eat ketchup and rice and sometimes in the middle of the night when were already in bed.

You now ask 'are you okay mama?" when I get hurt and you say I'm pretty every time I put on make up or when I'm getting ready to go out. I guess, you growing up is not really all that bad.

But still... Please don't be in a rush.

Love, Mama


aiz kim said...

i see you put my button on your sidebar...oooh am so touched and thankful. I feel the same way with my little man. I used to be his everything and now he's growing up and beginning to explore the outside world. But its not at all that bad, i agree. I guess in our eyes they shall remain and forever be our little darling babies!

ALELY said...

time is don't blink : ).