Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pretty things I want today

Nesting owls

Pretty mask

Chanel Lollipops
source unknown

Ruffle bedding
via Urban Outfitters

Pretty party garland
Via Confetti System


Haylee said...

I just ordered that Urban Outfitters duvet! I decided on the grey one though. Isn't it lovely? If you have any suggestions on what color of sheets I should get let me know. :) I can't decide and it's driving me crazy!

Chickything said...

Wow lucky you! I am so in love with that UO duvet but I currently have the Anthro quilt and I feel like it's already a big investment (coz of the price and the regular dry cleaning!) so I couldn't just switch to a completely different look. Thanks for asking for my suggestion, that means a lot! If you got the gray one, then I think you should get a darker gray colored sheets for a more polished look,lavender, purple, white even pink. If I had that, I would use hot pink! Why not right? A little surprise when you pull off the sheets Hah! Well let me know what you decide on getting and I would love to see pictures! So please leave a link on the comment section ok?