Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The prettiest boots among all boots

I am officially addicted to pretty shoes like I've never been before. My first ever (first ever bec. I know I would buy more someday!) Minnetonka boots came in overnight express by Zappo's yesterday! (I love their free overnight shipping for VIP's, I don't know how to become a VIP but they just gave me a user name and password for the VIP site) And I am in love! So in love that I keep wearing them inside the house. I jump, I dance in front of the mirror and just stare at them all day!I got the black ones. There are other different designs but only comes in dark brown, tan, purple and black. I think you can find other colors in other places.
Like this one
How pretty, right? But I saw this way too late.
But I really do think that black is the way to go. It never goes out of style and it absolutely goes with everything. Let me tell you that these boots are just amazing and I think they were handmade. I call them 'lifetime' shoes, it's the only boots you will ever need and would last for many years, if not a lifetime.I really do think it's an L.A. thing. I see them everywhere here!

I love, love the low cut ones too.image found here
image found here

I never liked UGGS, sorry for all the ugg wearers out there but honestly these boots stole my heart.
Find them at Zappos
And I got these in case you want to know

It's raining here in L.A. and I think I will hang out by the fire. Have an awesome Wednesday!

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