Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gap contest

Gap's website is finally working! please vote for my son by clicking this!!! Click 'FAN VOTE' and post a vaild email address. Your vote will not go through if you click 'like'. Thanks guys in advance!


PetSugar said...

i voted! i feel like if his whole face was showing he'd have a better chance at winning! its super cute but people might think his glasses are hiding something! :(

Sensible Obsessions said...

I voted! Good luck♥

Chickything said...

Sensible Obsessions! thanks for voting!
Petsugar haha I know! But I was in a hurry to post something, my laptop broke down also so I didn't have his other latest photos :(
It's just for fun really bec. all the rest has over 4,000 already! We joined too late but it's fun to see his photo up there! Thanks so much!!!

Haylee said...

What a cutie! Voted :)