Thursday, October 21, 2010

Where I Live

I love, love where I live. We live in a quiet neighborhood in Los Angeles. Our house is located in the city but It really looks like the suburbs. Every good cafe, cool shops and restaurants are a mere 5-10 minutes away. I thought that you might enjoy a mini tour of where I live. I would love to share a few of the cool places I go to near our home.
Paper Source is a really cute spot where you would find a huge array of special papers,stamps and other things for scrap booking and gift wrapping. Their items are mostly hand cut and handmade.You can also shop on their site.

Next spot is The Americana at the Brand. It's a posh outdoor mall, quite high end and yet laid back at the same time. We love hanging out at their fountain, specially during their famous water shows. We love going there on the Holidays because they have fake snow and loud outdoor Holiday music. It's such a lovely place to be in during Christmas.

Next is Katsuya. It's a really beautiful Japanese restaurant with awesome food! I love, love their dessert sampler and the modern interiors. They are located at the Americana at the Brand mall.

Kitson! Oh my, my son is obsessed with Kitson so sometimes when I we go to Americana we try to skip this store because he goes crazy when he's in there. Specially for Yo Gabba Gabba toys that we can't seem to find anywhere else but there! I love their stuff but they all are expensive. So I try to buy the little things that doesn't cost so much. But it really is a visually inspiring and visually satisfying store!

I also love going to Anthropologie a lot. We have 3 branches nearby and they all are different from one another. I also love Urban Outfitters, we have 2 branches close to our house. Those are the shops I frequent as it's more of my style.
I want to share more but I think most of you know these places already. So next time I would share the places that most locals only know about. I think that is more exciting yeah?

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