Sunday, October 3, 2010

Eagle Rock Music Festival

We live in a quiet neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles. No giant stores. Only artsy cafes, art galleries, independent brick and mortar shops and for some reason a lot of judo/karate schools. According to wiki, our little town is considered a bohemian community... Whatever that means.

My kids go to school in one of the best public schools in the city of Los Angeles. A public school that is focused on art and music. You rarely see that. I guess that's what happens if you live in this kind of place. I am quite thankful for that.

So last night, there was the annual Eagle Rock Music Festival. It has been going on for 12 years but for some reason in my 7 years living in the area. I just got to see it last night.

Streets were blocked, bands playing simultaneously from every corner. A cafe parking lot, in the middle of the street, motel balcony, under a tree. I lost count of all the bands playing at all the odd places that we saw that night.

There were a lot of overpriced food, taking advantage of kids with parents that work so hard so they can party. Food trucks jumping on the trend of food on wheels without a good concept, without good food and without good customer service.Only a lot of money to start the business, only a kick ass brand new, customized truck.Apparently, you can never buy talent or skills.

Lots of booze disguised as lemonade or coffee. It could really pass up for some harmless drink if not for the awful face that they did after every sip. You certainly don't get that from an iced cold latte from 7eleven.

  Lots of people smoking pot like it's the 1960's minus the coolness of the era. A lot of kids trying so hard to be as cool as their parents were, even if they don't admit it. Kids making out minus the magic, only lust. People dressed like hipsters minus the hip.

There is a thin line between music and junk. Nowadays, there are a lot of junk. It became more about the rockstar glory and not the poetry or the art of music. I feel bad for the audience really. I also feel bad for the guy who holds the microphone. I wish he had something better to sing or say that could go well with the pretty face and the tight leather pants.

Am I just getting old or are the good 'ole days really over? I guess both.


Erica Leigh said...

i've never gone to a music festival like that before! looks like fun. but i'm sure (like you said) that there's a lot of "junk" (and i'm very picky with my music! lol).

about the vivienne westwood shoes-- i've read that they're really comfy, but i've never tried them myself! i just gave in a bought the lilac pair on, so i'll let you know when they come in ^_^


Chickything said...

oh you should check it out next year! I plan on being a vendor next year!
There was this one handmade vendor (yes only one) and oh my, everyone was going crazy over her stuff! Including me. Lol.
Thanks for the link! I didn't know that these were already on sale! I bought it from Zappos it's $10 more but free shipping so I guess it's okay. What color did you get? I was staring at the choice for like an hour and couldn't decide. I finally settled on the lilac because I love the black heart. Thanks again! And tell me what you think when you get them.