Sunday, October 3, 2010

Super happy day

Today is such an awesome day! First, my son's birthday cake that I decorated was featured in the official Yo gabba gabba fan site! And the site said it was their ultimate favorite of all the cakes featured! Awww.
(when you get to their site, please scroll down to see our cake!)
Then, my dream shoes that I've been lusting over for months and months and months has finally gone on sale! half off! thanks to Sweets & Hearts for letting me know about it. I was staring at the color choices for nearly an hour and could not decide on what to get but after my daughter and Mister's suggestion to get this color, I just trusted them and went with it.

Vivienne Westwood in Lilac

I am dreaming of having all the colors. Who wouldn't want them in every color? I'm just a girl who loves pretty things so much! I'm not the type who buys shoes all the time. I am so hard to please when it comes to shoes but I just can't resist outrageous or pretty looking shoes. I don't even really like buying expensive shoes. The most expensive I've ever bought was a crazy print Doc martens boots. I usually buy vintage for as low as $3. But this time, I feel like I owe this to myself for working so hard. And I could even use these for my wedding!

And did I mention these shoes were made from recycled rubber, so comfy and soft and IT SMELLS LIKE CANDY!
Oh my, I can't wait!

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Erica Leigh said...

oh my gosh, i never spend that much on shoes either, but i had to make an exception for these as well! :D

i'm scared that i might have started a bad habit though, haha.