Sunday, September 5, 2010

For all hardworkers out there

Happy (no) Labor Day to all of you!

I think these pictures are perfect for all you hardworkers out there!

My son who is turning 3 is quite addicted to youtube and playing games in Nick jr.. And last night, we saw him this way.
He has fallen asleep while in front of the computer and as I was taking photos of him, he was trying real hard to stay awake. Still grabbing on the mouse with his eyes closed.

His daddy is an IT programmer, so I guess it runs in the blood?

He can read, count and knows upper case and lower case letters and all that before he turned 3. He started reading when he just turned 2. He's an awesome kid. I'm a proud mama.

Here's a video of him reading, taken a couple of months ago.

click link

Happy Labor Day everyone!

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