Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Goodbye Summer

This week is the last week of my kiddo's summer vacation. Next Monday we will be back to reality. Early mornings and busy nights. I think I'm ready for that. The kids are quite excited to go back and hang out with their friends again. I think we'll have a little party before school starts, just to say goodbye to Summer one last time.
I love fall, it's my second favorite season, next to Winter. And I am so ready to wear my long coats and boots again.
my bedside table
My Mr. gave me a rose the other night. It sits so prettily next to my newly bought letter R from Anthropologie (on sale for $7.95).
The colors just blend beautifully, don't you think?
I used my carafe as a vase

It's the perfect photo to bid Summer goodbye.
Till next year...

How about you? are you ready for fall?


Erica Leigh said...

honestly, i'm so ready for fall! i'm not a big fan of summer because i'm wimpy when it comes to hot weather.

plus, i really like wearing layers and scarves and tights and all that ^_^

so cool that you found that letter R. i <3 anthro, but i don't even know the closest one to santa clarita! plus everything is a little pricey--good thing you found that on sale!

love your new blog look!! it looks very vintage-y and sleek.


Chickything said...

I;m glad you like the new look of my blog, that was exactly the look I was going for!

I don't like Summer too! I am not loving the insects flying around, the hot nights and the sky high electric bill! :)

I am so ready for Winter! My favorite season and so eager to hang out next to the fireplace again.

I have about 4 anthros near my house and I love their sale section!