Thursday, July 15, 2010


Yesterday was not a good day but today I made myself believe that it'll be an awesome day. 
It was hot, hot, hot! But I shrugged it all off, cleaned the house and played with my toddler out in his little inflatable pool. 
We made button & mustaches chocolate lollipops and they were awesome.
I tried to put all my worries on the back burner and there they stayed.

I cooked and cooked. Made myself busy. Smiled....A lot. Laughed a lot.
and you know what? when you do, the world smiles back at you.

First, I was featured twice at the treasury. I've been selling for almost 4 years, has opened many shops but was never featured on treasuries and twice in one day, that was a big leap.

(the first item is my room spray)

Then second, a lot of people have been viewing my blog lately. I'm happy about that but please leave comments. I would love to hear from you!

Then third, my mister called and said that 5 people were laid off from their company. I was scared that he was one of them but he said that he wasn't and instead, he got a big bonus from the big boss regarding a project he recently finished.

See? now I don't have to convince myself that this is a happy day because it already is!

So my big advice to you my lovely reader...
Even if there's no reason for you to.
Just do.
And everything will fall into place.


Alely L. said...

awwww...i love this post! glad to know your hubby got a promotion instead of the lay off notice and i am now your newest viewer and now follower. looking forward to reading more and i'm glad i stumbled upon your blog. happy to meet you!

Chickything said...

oh I'm glad you found me! Nice to meet you too!