Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Thursday

Did you ever wake up one morning and knew that you will have a lovely day? Well, that happened to me this morning. I just know that this day will be a happy day!

I am feeling so creative. My goal today is to add more things in the shop.

Here are more hipsta inspired photos I took yesterday, just as promised.

This is a huge antique electric clock I bought 2 weeks ago. I haven't found a place for it yet. I love how big it is and how old it is. Very whimsical, like I shrunk and a little alarm clock became too large.

This is our electric drums in our music room. The painting on the floor is something I've done many years ago.

Here is another painting I made and an old phone I got at the flea and it works of course.

Here is the first painting on canvas my daughter made when she was 13 (she just turned 14). I love it, do you?

And here's a huge painting I made about 4 years ago. This was the painting on the virgin suicides soundtrack. I really love that movie.

I can never have enough antique trunks. We have so many of these that we ran out of things to put in them. These two are in my son's room. It reminds me of the circus.

And this is Rody. I love the heart on his forehead.

  Let's all have a Happy Thursday shall we?

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