Friday, July 16, 2010

Movie Friday

I'm a movie buff, actually that's an understatement. I'm obsessed with films! I remember the day when my dad came home with a weird looking black box that played movies. It was called a betamax! A betamax (to all the kids reading this) is the old fashioned dvd player.

The first movie I saw was Bambi. Oh my! I'm so old. Anyways, that day changed my life forever! Second  movie I saw was Annie. Then, the made for tv Alice which I watched hundreds of times when I was little and probably a thousand times more as I got older. I remember my dad coming home with 2 dozen videotapes! And we would watch it together, sometimes by myself. I didn't really play that much as a kid. Most of my time was spent indoors. I was also allowed to watch any movie I like with no restrictions.Parents were a lot lenient  in the 80's. The most unforgettable ones I've seen when I was little were The Evil dead ( that was shocking), Piranha,Zapped, Nightmare on Elm Street and so on.

We eventually opened up our own little video rental area on the other half of our pharmacy (which oddly was named after me, geez)  so that only made my obsession with movies worse. Today, I still watch an average of 6-10 movies a week... movies on tv, dvd, cheap theaters and netflix! Before baby #4 came along, I was watching about 20-25 a week. See, I'm just crazy like that.

For the love of movies, I'm starting movie fridays starting today. Every Friday, I will post a movie (or movies) that you must see!

First, ballet shoes with Emma Watson. This is a must see movie if you have a daughter around 11 years old and up. It would inspire them to have dreams and be somebody when they grow up. This movie inspired me to become somebody when I grow up and I'm already grown up!
The film itself is visually stunning. Specially for me who adores vintage things. Their house is just unbelievably beautiful. I never liked Harry Potter so this was the first time I saw Emma Watson in a movie from beginning to end and she was marvelous. Very pretty face, I must say.

after watching this with your kids. This Swedish movie called "the girl with a dragon tattoo' is the movie for you. But only if you love foreign films and if you are not sensitive when it comes to disturbing sexual content.
I don't enjoy violent movies or anything with violence against women but this movie in particular I really loved.
It was very unpredictable and the plot was very well written. The lead actress reminded me of Angelina Jolie in her younger years in the films "hackers' and 'Foxfire'. I just closed my eyes during the disturbing parts and I turned out okay. 

I hope you enjoy these movies. If you've seen them already please let me know about what you think. I would love to hear from you.


Alely L. said...

movie friday is a wonderful idea! i'm always looking for great movies to watch and i really want to go rent the ballet shoes now. hummm...still thinking about the 2nd one though : ). glad to know we have much in common. do share! blog friendships are so much fun! i'm sure you'll start getting more connections along the way! in the meantime i'm looking forward to getting to know more of you! have a loveLee saturday!

Alely L. said...

i missed your other two comments i just checked my email. yes, it's yummy filipino food and are you from sf bay area too? now i'm seeing the commonality : ).