Thursday, July 22, 2010

In love with Carmela...

Everytime I go to the Pasadena farmer's market, I always have to stop by at Carmela's ice cream booth. I am not really fond of eating ice cream, even if they were free, even if they were right in front of me but this particular ice cream I just could not ever resist (regardless of the price tag), I just have to get it whenever I can.
They have the oddest flavors! But they just taste awesome! They have flavors like lemon basil, cucumber amongst others ( I think they are coming up with new flavors as we speak) Last time, I had Lavender honey. Oh that one was a dream! I just found out today that it's their bestseller. I can't even explain how it tastes like, it just makes you so happy like you're floating on air and beneath you is a lush garden, then you fall and the flowers catch you. You know what I mean.

Today, I had rose petal ice cream (this time a bigger size!) I looove it! And I finished the whole, entire thing! It had real rose petals in it, oh I can't find the words to describe it. It smelled like falling in love... Tasted like that first ever kiss. You know what I mean.

Here are some photos I found on google. I guess, I'm not the only one in love with it.

visit their site here


Erica Leigh said...

rose petal ice cream sounds really interesting (and fancy!). i'd love to try some.

Chickything said...

Oh it is! it's like food for royalty!

Alely L. said...

wow, those are such unique flavors. rose petals and lavender???? now i'm very curious as to what it actually tastes like.